Combat-R-Zero Fan Art Contest by Toysrevil x Atomic Mushroom Toys

sharpen your pencils, refill your markers and put on your bestest conceptualization-cap to get a chance to win a Combat-R-Zero SUPERSET and 4 individual Combat-R-Zero robot vinyl figures in TOYSREVIL'S I Like Toys X Atomic Mushroom Toys' CRZ FAN ART CONTEST!

- Contestants enter their best Combat-R-Zero FAN ART!
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- ONE SINGLE WINNER / ILLUSTRATION will be chosen by the Judges* to win a Combat-R-Zero Superset; which is 5 CRZ vinyl figures, inclusive of the GID/Plutonium colorway!

- 4 FINALISTS will also walk away with one CRZ figure each, with the 2ND, 3RD, 4TH and 5TH PLACE WINNERS decided by Public Voting (with the highest average winning each position). the 2nd-placed winner will get to opportunity to choose his/her desired colorway, followed by the 3rd-place winner with whatever colorways left, and so on so forth.

- A selection of CRZ-fan art will be chosen after the submission deadline, for public / open voting - from then, the public will have two weeks to vote! (more details near the Public Voting period)

CONTEST STARTS: NOW! Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Monday, 12 May 2008 (approx 8 weeks' time) @ 11:59PM / 23:59hrs Singapore-time (GMT +8).

The Judges* are Robert DeCastro (creator of CRZ) and "Toysrevil" (me, lah! - Andy).


Contestants enter their best Combat-R-Zero FAN ART.

- it could be a comicbook cover with CRZ battling their own super-villain - that you chose to create (and owned by YOU) ... (and we sure do lurve our comicbooks, we do! ;p)
- it could be a poster for a robot-movie that should've been made.
- it could be straight-up pin-up poster art.
- submitted fan-art is to be SAFE FOR ALL AGES.

Computer aid is OK, but the basic line work must be drawn by hand.

- 4 X 3 proportion - either portrait or landscape.
- image sizes to be minimum of 500-pixels across the length or breath, based on proportion stated above.

- Combat-R-Zero is not to be re-imagined nor re-designed, and the depiction is to be based on it's original design. (refer template below for reference)

- the "villain" or protagonist which CRZ "battles with" or "encounters" is purely of your own design and concept, whose copyright remains with the creator (you) and will not be used by Atomic Mushroom Toys outside of this promo contest.

(download for your reference)
[above 500 x 235 / Medium 1024 X 481 / Big 1500 x 704]

- a maximum of two submissions per individual. (so choose wisely and don't try to test the system. i will void any additional tries, even if they are kickass, sorry)

- alternatively, entrants can choose to VOID a previously submitted drawing, in lieu of a new one. but you must tell me what to take out, yeh? appreciate it. a maximum of two changes are allowed throughout the duration of the contest tho.

currently there are two available ways: via Flickr-group and email.

[1] Flickr-enabled entrants to submit via (*note: group membership is currently moderated - requests for joining are welcomed)

(Flickr-folks to let me know if you want to have your submissions posted unto the dedicated contest-blog mentioned next)

[2] email entries to toysrevil [at] gmail [dot] com, whereby selected images will be uploaded unto a dedicated CRZ-Fanart contest-blog @ for all to see (which will be updated as often as i can afford, so don't chase me for it, thanks) ... and please put "CRZ Fan Art" in the subject field, appreciate it! (don't want it to end up in the spammer zone, yeh? cheers :p)

*Note: not all submissions are promised to be posted on the dedicated fanart-blog. I retain the right of refusal to post without any given reason/s. thanks.

- feel free to add a little para or two describing the image / the story / the situation along with your submissions, as well as a short write-up about yourself (optional) - which may be added to your submission in the dedicated fanart-blog.

(1) Copyright of Combat-R-Zero and it's likeness is retained by Atomic Mushroom Toys. Any other "original" characters created for this promo contest is retained with it's originator / illustrator / contest entrant.

(2) Neither Atomic Mushroom Toys nor Toysrevil will be responsible for any infringement of copyrighted materials in any way, shape or form, by any and all contest submissions. The contest entrants will be solely responsible for use of any characters, or "homage/tribute" art generated in his/her submission entered for this promo contest.

(ie: don't go using a certain "gamma-irradiated hulking-monster" to battle CRZ unless you have specific permission from owners to, and in event of such imagery, we will not post up the submissions until validation is provided)

(3) If necessary, any permissions / authentication / validation of use of characters non-designed nor generated by yourself - are to be provided along with the contest submission/s. thanks.

(4) Note that any submission of illustrations (with designs) does not automatically mean you are submitted designs for considerations by Atomic Mushroom Toys nor Toysrevil, to be made into a tangible toy. this is a "Fan-Art Contest" and not "Portfolio Design Submission" :p

(5) By submitting your illustrations for this contest, you are granting both Atomic Mushroom Toys and Toysrevil's I Like Toys the express permission to utilize said images, for the purposes of promoting this contest only.

(6) We reserve the right to amend and/or add to the Contest Rules and Regulations, Terms and Conditions at any given time.

(7) The Judges will have final say in any and all results.

All prizes are kindly sponsored by Atomic Mushroom Toys and Robert DeCastro.
All Prizes will be mailed out to the winners via Atomic Mushroom Toys.


Erech said…
When you say drawn by hand, would working up the sketches/outline with a wacom count?
toysrevil said…
"wacom-tab" is pushing it duder LOL (good one tho)

but then again, im the caveman that doodles in pencil and inks in marker, scans in and colors in photoshop myself lol
eric johnson said…
LOL, no fair erech. you've already got skills, let some of us have a chance to win
Erech said…
haha if you give me 55 dollars US I won't enter. :)

Do we have a deal?
Coldiron said…
So will a full blow painting be acceptable? I normally draw but I wanted to try a new medium.
toysrevil said…
i say; go for it! full painting it will be :)
Ben said…
Would it be okay to do a digital painting using the Nintendo DS Lite homebrew program Colors? Technically it'd be drawn by hand, just with a stylus instead of a pencil :)
toysrevil said…
Ben = "Computer aid is OK, but the basic line work must be drawn by hand."

sorry dude, go old-skool - cheers and good luck! :)
Ben said…
Okay, just thought I'd check to be sure. Guess I'll have to dig out my watercolor set ;)
toysrevil said…
Ben = peep the CRZ Fanart-blog for some of what folks have done utilizing "computer aid", yeh?

i personally suck at watercolors - so good luck to ya! LOL
Josh Coldiron said…
Yay, got it done before deadline. I just hope the email makes its way to you.