iron man movie tv spot and iron monger struts his stuff

[via] ... yeh, i know what you mean pal!

... meanwhile Iron Monger hangs mechano-buff [via]:

Stane: "i may not be able to fly, but i can lift a car, can YOU?"
Stark: "show-off."
Stark: "who's teh Iron-Biatch now, huh, Stane? HUH?!"


  1. Didn't Iron Monger fly in the Videogame Trailer?

  2. "Didn't Iron Monger fly in the Videogame Trailer?"

    no idea. don't really care much for the vidgame sorry. im more concerned about Monger being able to fly or not in the Movie.

    hope not tho, don't think we're ready for an aerial-fight amongst iron-men ... but sure as heck i can imagine the sequel with Iron man and War Machine duking it out in the air! muahahahaha

    yes, tis just a little dream...

  3. "sure as heck i can imagine the sequel with Iron man and War Machine duking it out in the air! muahahahaha"

    Yes, that's probably going to happen in the third movie, when Tony becomes a drunk.

  4. Tony can't go down in the third - dude needs to get drunk and fast in the 2nd, so he can "triumph over his demons" and make everything good again in the 3rd! LOL

    especially after (during his drunken stupors) getting hitched to a russian beauty, who turns out to be the evil-version of Black Widow, whose actually in cahoots with the Titanium Man who ... no wait ...

    sequel starts with Stark drunk like a fish, Stark Industries lost to hostile takeovers and the iron man tech being sold off to the highest bidder - the movie then flashbacks to what happens, and by the end, Tony regains control for the battle of his life! to be concluded in the 3rd ... or wait ...

    ... we could go on forever, innit? heh.

  5. I just don't want this to end into one of those bad Trilogy-Disasters (Matrix, Spider-Man) where the first one or two movies are great and the third is unwatchable.

  6. dude? i so agree with you on that point - seems the third time is less of a lucky charm than folks'll like to let us think... except for the Harry Potter movies, IMHO :p

  7. Exactly! Or Lord Of The Rings, that one got better with each new movie.


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