wear a sock kid! no raw dogs!


this Medicom Toy X Converse X UNDFTD set, inclusive of a 400% + 100% Bearbrick (available separately @ 7,140YEN/US$70 - says) and a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors (with a nifty cartoon feet down the side - i've always wanted a pair of CTs tho) made me snigger on a Sunday afternoon - not least becoz it's a shouting sock on a bearbrick's belly (becoz shouting socks rawk), but also becoz i am prepared to reveal a personal secret: i have smelly feets. not faint-worthy, but iffy nevertheless. talcum powder thy weapon, humidity thy bane. and yes, you didn't need to know, but now you do. (*you are not alone*) ... would this be unleashed with the opening of Undefeated Tokyo come March 24th? i may think im clever but actually i have no clue. heh.

[hypebeast said/Instinctoy snapped]


Anonymous said…
Haha! and the little pic on his chest looks...well...like a condom...wear a sock indeed!
toysrevil said…
the designers must've watched early RedHotChilliPeppers' concerts then! LOL
Hehe, that's a really cool design. I would like to offer my cure for smelly feet (well, smelly shoes at least), liberally dust them (the shoes) with bicarbonate of soda. If the stinkness persists, a crushed up piece of burnt black toast left in the offending shoe overnight will render the odour harmless to the human nose :)
toysrevil said…
cheers for the headsup, or rather "feets down" tipsters, Luc! - and i saw it on the telly somedays back that even popping in a teabag would work too! ... jasmine or earl grey? now im thinking ... heh