dookie-poo vinyl enhancement kits @ nycc (booths 2354 + 861)

fab news for Dookie-Poo fans who procures a Dookie-Poo vinyl figure @ the coming New York Comic Con - at both Chaotic Unicorn Booth#2354 & ESC Toy Booth#861 = the figures will come with DOOKIE-POO VINYL ENHANCEMENT KITS!

these limited edition kits allow you to create your own DOOKIE-POO themed paper diorama environments to display your Dookie! printed on heavy weight matte paper - all you need supply is some cutting utensils, elbow grease and glue and you'll have your own sturdy version of either POOVILLE and DOOKIE's GO-GO KART or DOOKIE's BED ROOM SET (including a Choroco-Tofu paper-huggie *manly-giggle*)

you can get the POOVILLE GO-GO-KART set at either booth but the SLEEPY-POO set is exclusive to Chaotic Unicorn's booth as is the GID Sleepy Time Dookie-vinyl. quantities are limited with one free going to anyone who purchases a Dookie-Poo vinyl until supplies run out! *so first come first served* ... meanwhile, CLICK THRU for mondo-more images of the Enhancement Kits :) ... designed by Dookie-creator Manny Galan, personally i think these dioramas are uber-cool! and Dookie-fans take note: the following Monday's Dookie-Poo's birthday!





Gary Ham said…
brilliant and gorgeously designed
That's such a wicked idea. Very very nice.

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