from beyond thy gamma-irradiated crack cometh the incredible hulk movie poster

while i feel pretty compelled to grouse-on about the abject lack of originality in the design of the new The Incredible HULK "one-sheet" poster [via] - perhaps it could be Marvel Comic's way of paying "homage" top their own character/s, no? ... but wait - they already HAVE a trilogy of Spiderman movies, haven't they? .... but the notion and image of Edward Norton as Dr Bruce Banner walking out of the Hulk's gamma-irradiated crack is priceless anyways, so all is forgiven LOL (click for bigger version, if so you please :p). HULK releases June 13, 2008.

(The Amazing Spider-Man #50 with Cover art by John Romita Sr via wiki)


Anonymous said…
I know a bunch of folks in the "one-sheet" business. By their accounts, it is probably the least original of all design venues. They regularly receive design briefs TELLING THEM to rip off this old poster/book cover/album cover. Don't think for a second that any "similarities" are coincidences. Sadly, they're not.
toysrevil said…
i hear where you're coming from "anonymous" - it's always the "suits", innit? *sigh*

what i would LOVE to see are the proposed designs that were "rejected" (altho i sincerely doubt that that'll ever happen) - that would be pretty darn cool, IMHO :p