a peek at watchmen movie action figures from dc direct

peep Nite Owl and Rorscharch action figures from DC Direct on Entertainment Weekly [via]:
"Though Warner Bros.' Watchmen movie (out March 6, 2009) is still very much a work in progress, DC Direct has put the finishing touches on its collector-edition tie-ins, which are modeled after the characters from director Zack Snyder's film. The company will unveil four of these action-figure prototypes at New York Comic-Con on Friday, April 18, but EW has your exclusive peek at two of them — steadfast vigilante Rorschach and nice-guy superhero Nite Owl - which will hit stores in January 2009 at around US$14.99"
and while i have my own personal opinion of Rorscharch's tiny fedora (perhaps tis due to a possible removable mask? yumz) and marching-stance, i'm equally appreciative of the fact that DC Comics is actively undertaking the production of their own characters/properties, rather than leaving them in the hands of external toy-makers (i know that reads very ignorant of me, but you know what i mean - i've seen the recent Iron Man movie figures just yesterday and am not totally impressed, IMHO) ... anyways, totally looking forward to more! heh :)

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