seen@nycc2008: shaw brothers' action figures by neca

NECA adds a trio of characters to their SHAW BROTHERS "classic movies" action figure line [last featured] - well, at least from what i could count via's coverage during NYCC - featuring the following perps (who come labeled, so i can't be too wrong, innit? heh) - no indication of drop-date nor further details tho = CLICK THRU to see more pics, as well as peep original movie trailers!

01. SHORT AXE from Kid With The Golden Arm
02. ABBOT from The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (exceptional likeness, IMHO!)
03. TO SHENG from Crippled Avengers

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Trailer:

Crippled Avenger Trailer:

Kid With The Golden Arm = not a trailer but you get to see
Short Axe in-action (the english dub takes the cake tho LOL):

[original uncropped images and more via]
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