The Dookie-Poo Paper Jam Contest (Amended Dateline)

"Have you ever wanted to be a part of a toy line? Tired of hoping for an accessory or vehicle that never comes out? This is your chance to make what you want and win!" - presenting the DOOKIE-POO PAPER JAM CONTEST!
01. Design your own Dookie-Poo Vinyl Enhancement Paper Model and win prizes!
02. Submit in either one or both Playset Categories: (A) Diorama and (B) Props.
03. Contest starts NOW with Dateline ending 21st July 30th August 2008 (AMENDED DATE).
04. CLICK THRU for Full Contest Details / Terms & Conditions.

[O.O] ***** WHAT? ***** [O.O]

With the success of the Dookie-Poo Vinyl Enhancement Kits created circa New York Comic-Con, the concept is to seek contributions from YOU folks - of an original diorama creation, props and/or clothing - that adds to or enhances the world of DOOKIE-POO VINYL or is DOOKIE-POO-THEMED. It could be a giant Robot for Dookie to pilot or control, could be a UPS TRUCK in his scale, could be a funky sofa or a functional play ground! Whatever you want! The top 2 submitted ideas/designs (separated into 2 distinct categories) chosen will win one of 2 prize packages, sponsored by Chaotic Unicorn.

[O.O] ***** WHY? ***** [O.O]

The idea/concept for this Paper Jam is to eventually evolve beyond the initial contest, into a continuous experiment where the world is invited to continue finding ways to make the Dookie-Poo vinyl toy line fun or inventive and share their ideas with the community. With that notion, I've also created a dedicated-blog @ specifically to serve as both showcase and papertoy-depository - to house any and all submissions, for both Paper Jam Contest and subsequent additions - after they have made their debut on this blog, of coz :p

[O.O] ***** 2008 PAPER JAM CONTEST THEME ***** [O.O]

Design an original diorama creation, props and/or clothing - via paper-craft / paper-toy - that adds to or enhances the world of DOOKIE-POO VINYL or is DOOKIE-POO-THEMED.

Your creations are to fit all Dookie-Poo Series 1 Vinyl Figures. Submissions to be All-Ages-Friendly, and can be in any style and based on anything that is fun and suitable to the world of Dookie-Poo and Pooville - in either two categories stated below.


There will be 2 Categories for this Contest: DIORAMA Playsets and PROPS Playsets - with the specific requirement that ALL submitted designs are to fit a standard Dookie-Poo vinyl figure (Series 1 / tagged)

the DIORAMA Category will consist of a designed paper-craft environment - created for Dookie-Poo to interact with - be it an interior or exterior space, inclusive of props. Some examples of this would be the GO-GO-KART POOVILLE, SLEEPY-POO BEDROOM and the TRE-Exclusive DOOKIE-LOUNGE (Clothing is optional in this category, but cool if ya wanna make it a complete makeover tho) - The previous two listed is currently FREE for download now: Go-Go-Kart & Bedroom

To facilitate this contest (and most importantly for size reference) We have a basic size template of an approx. 4-incher tall Dookie-Poo, in lieu of an actual Dookie-Poo vinyl (which you can still purchase!) - click on image below to download+save 1626 x 795-image.


the PROPS Category basically requires a singular prop or a group of props - no smaller than a Dookie-Poo vinyl-figure (which means you don't just submit a single lolly-pop only, yo LOL) - TOGETHER with a shirt to go along with the prop. One example is the TRE-Exclusive ARCADE set with Green-jersey (shown below) - But if you want to add more clothing and accessories, go ahead!

And to add to the Dookie-Poo vinyl-scale image above, and to further facilitate folks' possible hesitance to engage in paper-tailoring (one prime example is ME! LOL) click on image below to download a 2383 x 1460 T-SHIRT TEMPLATE - for you to add-on, alter, whatever your Pooshionista-tastes desires!

[O.O] ***** PRIZES ***** [O.O]

Judges' Pick for a Single Winning Design in DIORAMA Playset will win a set of these:

Judges' Pick for a Single Winning Design in PROPS Playset will win a set of these:

Dookie-Poo Vinyl Figures are kindly sponsored by Chaotic Unicorn!
(*Prizes subject to change without given notice)

To ensure fairness to all, no one single person can be chosen as winners in both categories.


01. Designs Submissions for both DIORAMA and PROPS Categories are to be in the fully-rendered full-color ready-to-print-cut-and-paste Final Stage - via 2D Template format = Basically ready to be printed and made into the actual papertoys that fit the Dookie-Poo vinyl figure/toy.

Direct submissions to me via email @ toysrevil [at] gmail [dot] com to be in a file I could upload to blogger/picasaweb without compromising your final colors - as it may be in CMYK whereas I may process it to RGB. (we can discuss this in further details when you're ready to submit, yeh? educate me - as I is still a noob)

Alternatively, if you already have uploaded unto your own servers/web/blog - do provide me with a link (link to download directly) and an image (at least 500-across) for me to use on the dedicated contest-blog/depot.

02. In addition to the submitted template, you are to also submit at least one single image / photograph of the completed paper model - cut out and folded into shape/form. Understandably you may not have the Dookie-Poo vinyl in-hand for that moment, but a simple scaled cut-out would suffice. You can send as many photographs as you would like of the completed paper-craft/toy - it would be fab for visual reference on the PaperJam-blog as well :)

03. I have also created a FLICKR-GROUP @ where you (as a flickr-member) can upload and submit for the contest - at your leisure without emailing me directly. (altho a wee note would help, thanks!)

04. There is no limit to the number of designs you can submit, in either categories. (But I reserve the right of refusal of any submissions deemed inappropriate, without given warning).

05. You DO NOT necessarily need to own a Dookie-Poo vinyl figure yourself to participate in this contest. It would be great to have one as scale and for photo-ops, but with the given template, you could make a rudimentary scaled figure for comparison.


AMENDED: Contest Dateline is now 30th August 2008 (Saturday) - before 11:59pm (23:59hrs +8 GMT - Singapore time).

01. The 2008 DOOKIE-POO PAPER JAM CONTEST contest is opened to anyone all over the world, and who are 18 14-years old and above as of start of contest.

02. Keep Submissions All-Ages-Friendly and everything will be fine. I reserve the right of refusal of any submissions deemed inappropriate, without given warning.

03. Copyright and Trademark of Dookie-Poo and Choroco Tofu characters and their likeness are retained by Manny Galan.

04. Neither Manny Galan nor Toysrevil will be responsible for any infringement of copyrighted materials in any way, shape or form, by any and all contest submissions. The contest entrants will be solely responsible for use of any characters, designs or logos - generated in his/her submission entered for this promo contest.

05. By submitting your designs / illustration / templates for this contest, you have acknowledged that you have already read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions specified for this contest.

06. By submitting your designs / illustration / templates for this contest, you are agreeing to have your designs / illustration / templates housed within the Dookie-Poo Paper Jam papertoy-collection, in whatever form it takes, and to be available for free downloads via the Dookie-Poo Paper Jam collection.

07. By submitting your designs / illustration / templates for this contest, you are granting both Dookie-Poo and Toysrevil's I Like Toys the express permission to utilize said images, for the purposes of promoting this contest and papertoy-collection under "Dookie-Poo Paper Jam".

08. We reserve the right to amend and/or add to the Rules and Regulations, Terms and Conditions - of The Dookie-Poo Paper Jam and Dookie-Poo Paper Jam Contest at any given time.

09. The Judges for this contest will be Manny Galan and Andy Heng.

10. The Judges will have final say in any and all results.


Steven said…
very cool! Very clever with the jam connection.
Urban Fresh said…
ill be sure to give this contest a go!
toysrevil said…
Steven = jams are fun - wish more folks do it tho ...

Daimen/UF = cheers for the support duder! have fun!
Urban Fresh said…
hey andy?
i just fully read the post and realised.
i dont own a dookie-poo vynil figure (i didnt only just relise that, lol) so am i still able to design something/participate.

how am i to to take pictures, or will that be left to the judges or someone else that owns a dookie poo to do?
toysrevil said…
Daimen - nope, you do not need to own a Dookie-vinyl to participate (maybe i should make that clearer hhhmmm)

what you can do, is to use a simple scaled-printout of Dookie (provided as a template) along with your completed design - to show scale - and snap your pic!

i could print out and take pics, but i dont own a DP-vinyl myself LOL
horse racing said…
nice art! very cool! i wonder how they are made...