"what you've become": a dookie-poo music video by manny galan x the montauk project

[Also viewable on higher-res BlipTV and POOTUBE]

Remember the Dookie 8-Bit Teaser video I posted awhiles' back? Well, the time has come for the full-reveal and presentation of the FULL new music video "What You've Become" - directed and animated by Manny Galan (creator of Dookie-Poo!) with music by The Montauk Project and starring DOOKIE-POO and CHOROCCO TOFU - with Dookie travelling through some of the greatest, classic arcade games of all time to save the girl!

Manny also mentions that this video is dedicated it to the memory of his good friend ED RESTO, with special thanks to Stephen @ Explosion, Taso, Mo Ahsue, Euralis, AB, Jen and everyone else who helped him finish this time consuming monster.


Anonymous said…
well, this recalls me a lot of videos using this atari-style

YMCK's "starligth"(@ Pingmag article)

but the first I met was in 2000(the brazilian group) Golden Shower's "video computer system"
(youtubed) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX-kfuVIA18
(while searching this info I found this another 80ish TYCO-style)TOTAl Control
toysrevil said…
wow. cheers for the links amd trouble, "bobo" :)

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