who is bobo?

YOU are. All the "anonymous" legions of Yous who leave comments in thy wee weblog ... and from this day forth (until such time I can think of another name), all "anonymous" commenters will be known as "BOBO" ... heh.

and no, I'm not making fun of you folks (*cough*) - but it's just that I'm loosing my web gourd here slowly but surely feeling a tad silly for web-speaking with folks with "no name" and everyone has to have a name, ennit? or at least when I thank someone, there's actually a "someone" or a nick for me to thank LOL ... or maybe even ask to take a chill-pill, or go jump off a cliff, and other leisurely pursuits of netizens ~ MORE

and it is pronounced "Bow-Bow" (as in "Bow and Arrow") and NOT "boo-boo" = that's a bear. heh.

make no mistake folks, i appreciate the time and effort put into a reply/comment/flame/rant - otherwise i'll only be blogging for wires and electronical-doo-dads encased in a plastic PC-casing, connected to the worldwideweb via more cables and wires, ennit? heh ... altho I also haveta say that sometimes I suck at replies, or rather "replies in a timely fashion" ... but I'm still learning the slippery web-ropes here, yeh? noob that I am ... heh.

FYI: In local (Singaporean) terminology, specifically in the Military, a person who cannot shoot a given target for nuts, or constantly misses the target, is known as a "Bo-Bo Shooter" (something to do with having an elephant right in front of you and yet can still miss a shot). And yes, my elephants get shot at nicely(ish), thanks :)

P/S: yeah, I joking about the "legions", there ain't many who bother actually LOL - but I AM grateful for those who take the time ... except for the flamers, you folks can go shove up a shiny one LOL


Anonymous said…
toysrevil said…
"BoBoSaki", perchance? hhhmmmm
Anonymous said…
LMAO!!! Nope, but this is!
dolly said…
hey, I know someone whose real name is bobo. but he/she/it would never leave a real name like that on a blog, would he/she/it now?
toysrevil said…
BOBOSAKI in Teh House! LOL

Dolly = then he/she/it can claim to be "OG-BoBo" nyuknyuk ;p
Hyperchild said…
We are the collective known as HYPERCHILD and we beg you not to call us Bobo that is our pet hamster's name.
toysrevil said…
Hyperchild in teh house! nicks are good too, yo! LOL ... now i beg you to send me a picture of your hamster to post! BoBooooooooo ;p