1/6-scaled atomic pistols by ixtee production

Retro Rayguns that light-up? Atomic Pistols from your childhood Sci-Fi fantasies? Cartoon Water Pistols that are adorable? "Seen one, seen them all" - you might say ... but what if they were in 1/6th-scale?

Produced by HongKong-based IxTEE Production - these 1/6-scaled ATOMIC PISTOLS are both adorable and nigh-intriguing, especially in a realm of primarily military and/or movie-property products, IMHO. Shown here are prototypes (production ETA & Price as yet determined) and slated to make their prototype-debuts at the "A Weekend of Heroes Action Figure" (WOH'08) this June 21-22nd at the historical Glendale Auditorium in Glendale, California - under the UniToyZone-folks.

Hell, I heart me my rayguns [zapped] and the light-up ones shown here literally blows my socks off, as does the rest of the pistolas - will definitely be keeping a very close eye on these and update once information is more concrete ... meanwhile do CLICK THRU to peep more images of these 1/6 Atomic Pistols as well as find out a little bit more about IxTee Productions :)

IxTEE Production is a fresh toys' fashion brand, which is a local force team-up by
Siu Ding and Ma Fai.

"Our specialty is to create & develop different kinds of distinctive toys' accessories for assorted figures and dolls.

Our products can be worn and used by dolls like Blythe, Pullip, Momoko, Dal,Tiny besty ... various kinds of Ball-Jointed Dolls and 1:6 figures.

IxTee Production is anxious to continue producing different kinds of refined, hand-crafted toys' accessories, to pursue and to sustain making high-quality, low-quantity, changeful products.

Beside(s) trading at eBay, Ixtee Production is expanding sales network into Japan, Taiwan, and China.

In addition, Ixtee Production is also planning to create a series of self-designed Ball-Jointed Dolls & urban vinyl figures.

Our purpose is to diversify our range of products, in order to bring toy-lover more high-quality, and innovative toys"

[Shown here are images of their earlier released products]

[I want the camera so much, it hurts LOL]

[pics via OSW/IxTEE]


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