3age series 3 marvel-babies by asunaro


3AGE Series 3 Playset Products of Marvel-Baby-fied 3-year-old-superheroes (hence "3-age") by Asunaro sees Spiderman in 2 versions - Black and Red/White, a Wolverine in OG-Brown uniform (still the best look, IMHO), an uber-cool Iron Man in Stealth-Mode and (possibly a chase) Hulk with pink-pants!? muahahaha (FYI: Both Hulk and Wolverine were previously released in Series 1 but in different colored uniforms) - CLICK on images to embiggen :)

Standing approximately 10cm tall and set for an August-drop @ 4,620YEN (US$43+/SGD$59) on Blister.Jp - there's also a Pearl-version of an earlier-released red+blue Spiderman - with "pearl" surface-coating @ 924YEN-per (US$9 / SGD$12). Adorably cute they are indeed. I. Liiiike. I. Want.


  1. Bummed to see these are all repaints as I REALLY enjoyed Series 1 and 2, but will still pick these up as they're some of my favorite little figures to collect

    I first found out about these guys through your site (thanks!) and purchased series 2 in Japan while there on vacation last year. I had to pick up series 1 through a friend and ebay - they're pretty hard to find in the States.

  2. glad i could help with the "addiction", TSR ... muhahahaha ;p

    irony is, i've even yet to see them in person, much less have them in my humble collection - and they are disgustingly-adorably-CUTE, IMHO LOL

    im expecting to see toddlers dressedup like that for sdcc tho lol

  3. I've decided what would have pleased me more as a repaint asst:

    Wolverine and Black Spiderman costume are fine - no changes necessary.

    Iron Man - Stealth suit is a nice nod to fans of that suit, but as a figure, he's not too visually pleasing. I'd go with a GOLD and red repaint. Add a pearl finish to make it pop!

    Hulk - eh, as far as I can tell, just the pants are different, correct? So why not make him the grey hulk instead of green? You get basically a whole new character with just a paint color change.

    Lastly, we don't need a third version of the standard Spidey suit. I'm guessing he's there just to satisfy the "WE NEED A SPIDEY TO ANCHOR THE ASSORTMENT" type mentality, but I think the black costume Spidey is fine for that. So why not rerelease Daredevil instead, but in his original Yellow Costume?!

    It's a very stark difference and I always loved the irony of a hero known as "The Man Without Fear" in what is usually considered the color of cowards ;)


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