pete fowler's playbeast @ singapore toy & comic convention 2008

seen @ the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention's Walk Of Famer Pete Fowler's PLAY BEAST (Booth A08) were a selection of his Monsterism Series of all sizes, framed-prints (which for the life of me wondered why I didn't snap pics of ... yet) and a coupla awesome Purple Van Orlaxs flanking the booth. Do bear in mind these images were taken on the afternoon of the Preview Night, before the doors were officially open - becoz after that, there was no way I could've snapped any pics as folks were thronging the man and his creations! CLICK THRU for mondo more delish-pics :)

I shoulda stood next to the Orlaxes to snap-pics, for size reference :p

I have neither of these sweetness. I want all of these sweetness. *le-sigh*

Nice gentleman that he was, Peter took the time to snap a pic with
what would have seemed like a crazed Singaporean-fanboy LOL

*you're aces, Mr. Fowler!*


  1. oooh i do need a purple van orlax. if you get the chance steal one for me lol

    or at least find out if these are going to be produced... and how much they will be... and if they are limited :D


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