suicidal banana by sergio ng

Sergio Ng from Brazil has dropped word of his first toy, dubbed: SUICIDAL BANANA! [www]

Standing 6-inches tall, the first models will be produced in resin, hand-painted (and) with acrylic base. There are plans for "unusual cuts and "blood" made of banana syrup" - banana-peels excluded (heh) - maaaan, the Banana is going down painful! LOL - and from the silhouetted-graphics of other "alternate ways of self-execution", it looks to be quite a series of morbid-fun with more props, IMHO :p

Currently there are no indications of price, quantity and release-date. Altho you can click here to download a template to plan the fate of Banana's plans... personally? I was "sold" with the product-"story" on the website:
"My world has fallen down" - is Suicidal Banana's favourite motto. She is so pursued by her frustrations, deceptions and sadness, that she can't get rid of them. She tries all the possible ways to suicide, but never succeeds. Why does she want to kill herself? Because she considers herself a failure in the world of fruits. She thinks she doesn't have the beauty of a grape, the sweetness of a strawberry or the taste of a a watermelon. Doesn't have the cuteness of a cherry or the sweet scent of an apple. Being rich in potassium doesn't make her feel any better. Everyone who steps on her peel slips and falls. She is pursued by terrible monkeys and is constantly baked in pies. The Suicidal Banana has such an unlucky life...


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