touma @ singapore toy & comic convention 2008

Seen @ TOUMART (Booth B03) were an uber-spiffy assortment of TOUMA's creations including Grabbits, Squeezel (have I mentioned yet I lurve it?), Goons, Magma, Skuttle, Knuckle Bear, Fangs, Maocats et al - CLICK THRU to peep more Touma-goodness :)



lurvin' them Squeezels, darnnit! LOL

Was pretty humbled when both Touma and Yuki recognized the TOYSREVIL-"name" (when I introduced myself after snapping away LOL) and I appreciated their graciousness, kind words and support for my little blog ... Thank You, Touma-san and Yuki-san!



bighatdino said…
Touma's vinyl is just getting better and better. That dragon is obscenely awesome.
Yardarm51 said…
Dunno if you knew that Touma has linked to your article in his own Japanese blog.

Pretty cool eh? He says that you have a good bunch of pics of his booth and recommends his Japanese fans check it out.
toysrevil said…
bighatdino: man, looking at the displaycase with a whole line of Goons made me wanna smash it open, sweep everything into my bag and make a dash for the exit LOL

yardarm51: thanks for the headsup! Touma is Teh MAN! - the lurve he showed for TRE on the con floor and the graciousness with his time with me was very humbling...*respect*

and i can dare say (becoz Yuki told me) that it was becoz of seeing Animated Transformers on my blog that he got hooked! next thing ya know, i spied a humongous Optimus Prime (12-incher???) which he got from the Con in his booth! LOL awesome awesome awesome

i gots his back now :)
Apuch said…
Love that orange squirrel and brown bear. Very cool imagery.
toysrevil said…
apuch: The Squeezel is actually a very impressive huige beastie (totally diog the vibrant orange too!) and the Knuckle Bear is always a cool hallmark figure from Touma - how can one figure be both cute and violent at the same time? LOL