toy-taster: 1/6 dutch & billy from predator by hot toys

There is currently no other information about Hot Toy's upcoming 1/6th DUTCH and BILLY action figures from the 1st Predator movie - other than these fan-scanned pics and prices-on-page: DUTCH has a SRP of HK$780 (US$99+ / SGD$138 = Pre-order HK$730) while BILLY goes for HK$730 (US$93 / SGD$129 = Pre-order HK$690) /// CLICK THRU FOR MORE

I reckon this would be a sweet addition to already released Predator 1/6th figures - altho personally the face-camo on both Arnold Schwarzenegger's Major Alan-"Dutch"-Schaefer and Sonny Landham's Private Billy Sole is a tad overkill - but perhaps they're just ready to stalk their prey, rather than sulking about in the sweltering jungle (would anyone like additional un-camo-headsculpts in the set? heh). The additional cigar for Dutch is pretty darn cool, IMHO.

And will the rest of the crew be far behind? HT already has Carl Weathers's Apollo Creed - for a Major George Dillon - and maybe they'd set aside a Jesse Ventura for a Sgt Blain-"I Ain't Got Time To Bleed"-Cooper? complete with gailting-gun and all? *Stay tuned for 'official' updates*


[all original scans via OSW]


Chris A said…
Nice to see they are using the actual likenesses for the Predator crew, the generic faces really killed their otherwise excellent Aliens USCM series.
Axlotl said…
Just an obscure reference here, back when the Aliens/Predator CCG was running, the third set, (which was never released) was based off Predator. Why do i bring this up? The Sgt Blain card in the set was removed because Ventura didn't want his image used. thats like 9 years removed, but could be a hindrance to getting a Blain figure made.
toysrevil said…
"the generic faces really killed their otherwise excellent Aliens USCM series" = can't argue with that, Chris! especially if the figures are based off properties and characters that folks already recognise, even more so the effort can be seen and appreciated. personally im liking Billy's likeness more than Dutch LOL

cheers for the story, Axloti (always down for trivia -makes the hobby more interesting than just pieces of plastic off the shelves LOL)

i remember getting a Ventura 12-incher doll way back with the intention of kitbashing a Blaine for myself (Dutch is relatively easier to get) ... now i cant remember where i put the box, or what make it was ... hhhmmm one day i'll find it and post about it perhaps lol
Anonymous said…
beautiful figures , but too bad the likeness of schwarzie is not good , bad job for the camouflage paint too ( eye liner..) , and hair color is not the same in the movie .
toy toysoldier have make a prototype with a better likeness . Sorry for my english xD .
showmemagic said…
I need to have these!!!