soft&furry by cypher13

"The soft and furry are very, very old. They have been since here was here. When here was new, there were the three. LOOFT helped all to breath, DOO helped all to drink and GROOND made all things grow. The three were one."  = so begins the story of SOFT&FURRY™ - a new line of toys created by CYPHER13 - a three man design team based out of Colorado (USA). CLICK THRU to read more about Soft&Furry's story.

Designed and produced by Cypher13 (who did all the production by hand, from sculpt, to mold to casting) - the toy line is scheduled for a September 13th-release @ the Plastic Chapel - which will also feature a customs-show with an international lists of creators and customizers working on SOFT&FURRY™ toys. Participating artists include: Dave White / DeadVolt / DGPH / HelloHikimori / ILK / JamFactory / Michael Kwong / Morten AndersenStupidLoveTILTTokoPulco MayoPHU!Via Grafik / Zeptonn.

Many creatures, both large and small, of water, of air, and of land arose.  
They breathed the air, they drank the water, they fed on all that grows. 
They took only what they needed.  
But one such creature took too much.  
This creature misunderstood the natural code.

Green things grayed, blue things blackened, and clear things turned to cloud.  
Those who were soft and furry, hardened with gloom.
The three may be soft and furry once more.  
But, for now their hardness has saved them.  
LOOFT helps all to breath, DOO helps all to drink and GROOND makes all things grow.  
The three are one.   
None can live without them.

(cheers for the headsup, Lucian!)