the ultimate matrix collection within the belly of the nebuchadnezzar

[*well, more "control-deck" than "belly", but ya gets teh drift*]

My jaded-jaw fell when I laid my eyes on this Hot Toys Replica of The NEBUCHADNEZZAR ship from The MATRIX - and my eyes nearly popped out when I realized it held discs! I mean, I lurve me my Matrix trilogy but this was insane'o!

The ULTIMATE MATRIX COLLECTION contains 7 discs - including: 4 x Blu-Rays (Movie-trilogy + The Animatrix) and 3 x DVDs (making-ofs) and is housed in a 60cm long model replica of The Nebuchadnezzar.

This limited Japan-edition is set for a release on December 17th 2008 with a SRP of 39,800 YEN (US$376 / SGD$534). Available online @ (includes tech-specs / quantities undetermined).

Meanwhile here's a little slideshow-video to get your Neb-ON and CLICK THRU for more pics :)


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ezramyl said…
Yes! With Hot Toys making this, it has got to be awesome! I have always wanted the Neb. in some form.
Anonymous said…
wow, even comes with incredibly inane shitty breakbeats, just like the movie!!! said…
Just reviewed this box on youtube. It really is a set for the ages :)

(Follow my url to see the video)

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