gus by uhoh toys

Everything you dab those tears dry after watching a soppy movie (c'mon, ya did when Maximus died, didn't ya?), or blow your runny nose (gawd, I so hate having the flu-bug), have you ever spared a thought for the tissue box? No, right? Becoz most folks just care about the softness of the twin-ply, but never the carrier, innit? ... Well, GUS is here to remind you of your lack-o-lurve for the tissue boxes of the world!

Handmade in resin-cast by Aaron Arel of UhOh Toys - Gus stands 1-1/2" tall, comes in assorted colors [Peep] and is packaged in a handmade window box with "secret extras". Priced at US$8-per - you can adopt a Gus here.

What? Tissue papers' too delicate for your nasal-excretion? Well, there's always Mr TeePee, innit? *heh*


  1. Me encantan, muy originales, he seguido tu blog por un tiempo y todo me gusta mucho, acá donde vivo no venden este tipo de juguetes, saludos!!!


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