beit dudes launched online @


Along with a spiffy website roll-out / launch, fledgling toymakers Kicktoys' BEit Dudes [tagged] are now listed and available online for a SRP of US$28.99 - currently in a trio of styles (Rapper, Skater. Knight) and a DIY Version to boot! In addition, Kidrobt and Toyqube are a couple of resellers stocking BEit Dudes.
DIY BEit DUDE DESCRIPTION: "DIY is ready to rock out with the rest of the BEit Dude crew to bring out the soul of a DIY. This toy is made out of vinyl and stands 6-Inches tall. It comes with its own unique accessories such as: a cowboy hat, a cell phone, a guitar and a cute surfboard. Just BEit Dude!"
And to give back to the community, Kicktoys will be donating 15% of the profit (for each toy sold on their website) to "Save the Children". Kicktoys also mentions that they are also working on a few more toys that are coming out through out the year of 2009 (*neato*).

Check out a coupla customs featuring an "Italian" and a Knight. (And will Obama be the Knight-in-shining-armor out to rescue you?) - Kicktoys also encourages their customers to send in pics of their customized BEit Dudes - because in the near future, they will pick a winner and send him/her a current generation game console of his/her choice! Also watch out for a launch/signing party in Toyqubes new store sometime in December ;)

(cheers for the headsup, Steve!)