catch the rainbow with speakerboss by sjors trimbach

Brickboy aka Sjors Trimbach mentions: "Some time ago a very good friend of us was diagnosed with cancer. His motto: "Catch the Rainbow" was more valid than ever. The realization that someone you love may be gone just like that, hit hard and made me want to do something."

The result of which was that Sjors made 14 papermodels (dubbed SPEAKERBOSS) in the colors of the rainbow, with letters on the back spelling out "Catch The Rainbow". Matt Joyce then printed (and sponsored) t-shirts in the same colors (size: L) - whereby they were put into a box, including a mini-print (all in the same coordinated color) - and are currently made available for your procuring considerations @ Sjors' online store - for €25. All proceeds go to the Dutch Cancer Society.

FYI#1: Out of the 14-sets made, 7 were given to friends, while 7 were made available for sale. As of this post, only 3 were left in Sjors' store!

FYI#2: The box is numbered and shipped blind, so you cannot choose your color.


Ian said…
Any chance you'd be willing to share the template for those, I'd love to give a go at them :)