pierce the human pincushion & nathan the dog-face boy by carnival cartoons

After the earlier teaser-pic, Jared Deal & Garnet Syberg-Olsen (aka Carnival Cartoons) reveals their next 2 characters in their on going "Carneys" line = say hello to PIERCE The Human Pincushion and NATHAN The Dog-Faced Boy!

Sculpted by Eric Nocella Diaz (the sculptor on all of Carnival Cartoons' toys as well as Jared's resin VLADIMIR for Argonaut Resins) - both the 5.5-inch tall Pierce and 4-inch tall Nathan two-pack will make their debut @ the upcoming Vinyl Toy Network (Dec 6-7) as a 50-pc limited 3D Retro VTN Exclusive - and features a mixture of black matte & black gloss with metallic gold logos & details (images shown here). And Pierce comes complete with 5 actual piercings (2 in each ear & one in left brow).

There will be 5 colorways released throughout the year (including the 3D Retro exclusive mentioned above). The subsequent 4 editions are:

- Plastic and Plush Exclusive (50-pc limit)
- Monkeyhouse Toys Exclusive (50-pc limit)
- Carnival Cartoons Web Exclusive (100-pc limit)
- Carnival Cartoons Classic Edition (250-pc limit)

"Pierce and Dogboy are the Carney family mischief makers! Pierce is the quintessential bratty younger brother, and Dogboy is Pierce's pal, a loving pet, and... a fur covered wingman! Pierce relishes his gross-out gig as "The Human Pincushion" in the family sideshow act. (He's got more holes than a boardwalk put-put course). When Dogboy isn't doing double duty as the family's household hound, and Pierce's partner in crime, he wows the crowds at Barker's sideshow with his furry face and outrageous animal antics!"


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