the sky crawlers @ anime festival asia 2008

If one of the main objectives of the Anime Festival Asia 2008 [tagged] held in Singapore November 22-23rd @ Suntec City (Halls 403-404) - was to provide "awareness" to Japanese products and concepts, then in the case of THE SKY CRAWLERS [www] - it worked for me ... sorta...

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The Sky Crawlers is a new animated feature film from director Mamoru Oshii (best known for "Ghost in the Shell" and it's sequel; "Innocence"), with Animation Production by Production I.G. The film is based on a popular six-part novel by a best-selling writer, MORI Hiroshi - where it follows the journeys and tribulations of a group of young fighter pilots - known as "Kildren" - involved in dogfight warfare (organized and operated by adults), and is set during an alternate historical period.

The movie premiered August 2nd and has since been also released as a Wii game by Namco Bandai dubbed "The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces". And I'd only just found out (via a newspaper-review) that the anime will be screening in Singapore this week!

TRE-IMPRESSIONS: I reckon this booth is for folks who'd known of, or about this film, otherwise for an otaku-noob like me, I might have totally missed it if curiosity had not taken ahold of me. "Discovery" versus "Education", I reckon ... altho maybe next time (budget-permitting, of coz) do consider having Cosplayers decked out in the film's uniforms to attract and educate folks - which may end up being fulfilling for both exhibitor and participant, IMHO.

The Sky Crawler's booth @ AFA'08 showcased individual planes and specs, as well as the main characters. Whatever was showing on the screen did not grab me as much, altho I did not actually take the time to stop and look (my bad). On one end of the enclosed booth was the merchandize display, for which I regret now for not taking closer-images of. (Shoulda also taken a closer look at the DVD-set - would've loved to be able to bring them home...). Model airplanes - no doubt from the film - were also on display in window-boxes (no pics becoz I iz suck) ... Meanwhile, let's all make do with the movie trailer (posted above) and this "Special Promo" [In Japanese / no subs]:

Story of The Sky Crawlers
In another, possible 'now' - in a world that has eradicated war and finally attained peace. However, this prolonged state of peace created demand for a new kind of war. A conflict happening elsewhere, that could be seen on TV or read in the papers - in order to get a feeling of reality.

Private war contractors enlist fighter pilots to perform their services in an endless "war as entertainment." They call these pilots Kildren. Innocent-looking teenagers in appearance, Kildren never age into adulthood, and live in a state of eternal adolescence until the day they drift gracefully through the endless skies.

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