TOYSREVIL-REVIEWS: Jumping Brains by Emilio Garcia

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WHAT-IS: The Jumping Brain resin figure is designed and hand-made in Spain by Emilio Garcia.The design features an exposed-brain with limbs of a frog - hence the namesake! Produced by Labo Laboratories (which as far as I know - is a one-man-factory with Emilio at the helm) -the first series of Jumping Brains came in a trio of colors: Red, Green and Blue - aptly dubbed the RGB Jumping Brain set - which has since been sold-out (including the recently listed Red extras). Read my initial Q&A with Emilio of the J.B's genesis HERE.

The second series features DIY Jumping Brains in plain White and Black. What I have received is the Promo Edition - via the sheer generosity of Emilio. CLICK THRU for my humble thoughts and opinions of the figure, together with product- pics (Or CLICK to track coverage of Jumping Brains onTRE).

PACKAGING: Now, regardless of the original intent (you tell me otherwise, Emilio!) - these cash-strapped-days, I have a personal preference for utilitarian packaging. Basic brown carton box with adequate protection of item within. A snazzy graphic on the outside - be it a hand stencil or stamp - to me shows the effort, care and pride of the creator / toy-maker - or rather, the neatness of it.

Sure a fancy box always grabs my eyeballs by it's sockets (I have a weakness for matt dust-surfaces with gloss imprints myself *le-swoon* :p) but these days I'm the bugger that balks at the intangible price that I may be paying for the elaborate multi-colored print and fancy cut of said packaging box. (The unfortunate side-effects of financial repression, I insist). And hey, a DIY-toy in a DIY-box only makes the perfectest of sense, innit? IMHO, of coz :)

Jumping Brains' carton box came within another brown box (no sense snapping pics of that). And I am fine with that. No fuss, no frills - which belies the wicked surprise contained within, IMHO. FYI: the figure set weighs 5.50gm boxed.

CERTIFICATION: Self-printed and signed Certificate of Authenticity found within, along with a little description card. I kinda liked the DIY-print, in keeping with the basics (as mentioned above with packaging). It feels even more of a personal touch - which I can imagine Emilio sitting next to his printer, surfing the web while waiting for the paint to dry LOL - Mine is numbered 33/50.

DEBOXING: The wrapped item fit the box snuggly, with extra-space inside filled up and buffered by poly-chunks. What I did not snap was the item's webbed-feets were also wrapped in foam-sheets, for further protection. Thanks for the effort, Emilio! Anyways, I was surprised that the item was pretty sizable - not that 3 inch I'd imagine it to be! And it's pretty heavy too!


JUMPING-JOY: I was utterly surprised and delighted that it was the BLACK Jumping Brain when I gently unwrapped the wrap! Don't mean to rub it in folks, but according to Emilio - there are only 10 Black Jumping Brains he painted out of the total of 50 pieces in the Promo Edition (ie: there are 40 WHITE DIY Jumping Brains out there). Hell yeah, I'm happy! Ain't gonna hold in my manly-jubilance, innit? heh.

ARTICULATION: None. Unless you count the feature of splitting the figurine in half? heh.


MATERIAL: Now, I've not had a lot of experience nor exposure to hand-made resin figures, but this figure in particular was immaculately smooth to the touch, with a tactile weight that somehow makes you (or rather me) treat it with extra-care - not that I was afraid it was fragile or not, but rather it may break something else if it falls on whatever it falls on!

PAINT-APPLICATION: Tis a single-colored product, with a very even paint-app on surfaces (at least for mine) which makes it doubtful to be a hand-made piece, at first glance (which is a good thing, innit?) and even moreso via online pictures. There is a matt sense of finish with a slight surface sheen. Pretty sweet if ya ask me :p

DETAILING & DESIGN: The details in the grooves of the brain-drains were pretty impressive (Hannibal Lector will definitely approve) and distinguishable, which lends an added dimension of depth to the piece - which to me is rather impressive, given that these figures were hand-made, sanded and painted by Emilio himself! (I suspect that the other Jumping Brains are actually alive and they help Emilio with the painting of their fellow resin brethren .... hhhmmmm). heh.


WATCH-OUT: The base of the figure is actually shows more detail than the top-surface. Do note (unfortunately I didn't snap a pic) that there is a little protruding node on a fine stem attached to the center of figure-base. I'm not sure if it's supposed to come out, but it did. It could be easily be slotted back in - but take care not to loose it if you play rough with J.B.

STABILITY: The figure lies flat on the webbed-limbs, and stands perfectly stable with no fear of toppling, nor shelf dives - as far as I can see here.

And I liked the simple touch of having the artist's signature at the feet, as well as the figure number on the other (I'm just a simple man after all).

DESIGN FEATURE: One "main" feature of the Jumping Brain figure, is that it could be split into two piece - each mirroring the other side. They are attached via 3 nodes on the figure surface itself. Mine fit snug and tight, without being difficult to take apart if need be. I reckon this be fine craftsmanship on the figure-maker's part, as far as I'm concerned. No B.S. - Because it could easily have been loose and wobbly.

PLAYABILITY: I don't know whether to describe the split-feature asan "action-feature" or even "playability-factor" tho... just bare in mind to not let kids geta hold of this figure, and end up having it sink to the bottom of the pond because they tried to let ut sit on a floating leaf, or sumsuch tomfoolery LOL

Other than that, this figure is strictly for display, and for snapping photos with pets (*cough-bottom-of-post-cough*) or anywhere else you desire :)

MY SMARTASSED-OBSERVATION: Hard resin is good in this instance (I think although I claim not to be an expert here) perhaps becoz they may not warp or change shape as much as vinyls would - and especially as humid-assed as Singapore's weather can be, stuff tends to warp and decolor with time.

PRICE-WATCH: Black and White DIY Jumping Brains were priced between 30€ and 35€ per (members / non members). Red Jumping Brain was tagged at 40€ and 45€ per (members / non members) - with all prices sans shipping costs.

PROS: Good craftsmanship. Quirky design concept. Smooth finish. Feels heavy and stands steady - what's not to like? What's the price for a hand-made and hand-painted resin figure, made by the artist/creator's own hands? If you can afford it, don't wait on it, becoz tis worth it, as far as I'm humbly concerned.

CONS: There may not be enough to go around for folks that are interested in getting this item! What Emilio has done for the initial batches, were to take on pre-orders, which determined how many he would do, and perhaps a little bit more for individual orders when it's delivery time - which means there is not a huge amount of excess to be had.

Totally practical on Emilio's side, IMHO. But for folks who hesitate during pre-orders, or miss out on the extras being listed, it can get pretty disappointing. Still, I'm sure there'll be other colorways to come - so getting on the Jumping Brain mailing list is one way to stay updated, as well as staying tuned to TOYSREVIL, 'natch :)


Not too long in the Heng Household, and the Jumping Brain's gone and harassed my poor dog Dino - who I'm not too sure is either too terrified to move, or just plain nonchalant that there's a black object with it's brains insideout lying on her pillow ... or maybe B.J.B just wants to make a new friend? ... aaawwww :)


  1. Well, I am waiting for a white JB.
    I Like the absence of color better than Red

    Your Black One looks pretty cool though.
    Maybe even better than the white version.

    Thanks for the review

  2. Thanks for the detailed review. I'm so jealous! :-)

  3. Great Review! This figure is a big plus for bringing attention to resin cast artists.
    I really appreciate all the thought that went into making the jumping brains.
    thanks Emilio !!


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