All-Star Vinyl Legends Series: Muhammad Ali & Tiger Woods by Upper Deck

"One is a king of the ring, while the other is a ruler of the green!" Sideshow Collectibles solicits a pre-order for Upper Deck's Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods 10 inch vinyl collectible figures from their All Star Vinyl Legends Series. Both figures have a SRP of US$22.99 with a 2nd quarter 2009-ship date. (No quantities were determined). Now, I'm not much of a "sports-collectibles"-person, but these do look pretty nity, even if they do not possess a 100%-likeness to their real-life counterparts, IMHO.

CLICK THRU for a closer look at Ali & Tiger in vinyl.

"Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the All Star Vinyl Legends Series: Muhammad Ali & Tiger Woods figure by Upper Deck. This two iconic figure stands approximately 10 inches tall and includes a 6-inch display base with a printed Ali & Tiger Woods logo. All Star Vinyl comes packaged in a window box featuring the illustration of the figure and a trading card that provides information on the player and original artist."