Dig Dug Dunnys by Reactor-88

Totally diggin' the DIG DUG DUNNY-trio of customed 3" Dunnys by Reactor-88 (aka Ryan Crippen) - based off one of his fav video games! I'd asked Ryan if Pooka, Dig Dug and Fygar were completed as a commission - to which his answer was: "The Dig Dug set was just done for my own sanity while I work(ed) on a Mega Munny commission :) It was a little personal project I'd had on the back-burner for a year or so that I was itching to do." = *Coolio*


Ryan explains further on his blog:

"Dig Dug was one of my favorite video games when I was growing up. I remember spending hours at the arcade on just a couple of quarters, constantly glued to this game. With all the incredible video game consoles these days, the simplicity of games like Dig Dug probably wouldn't hold many folk's attention now. But I have very fond memories of this game (as well as many other 8-bit games) and still play it once in a while. So I decided to pay tribute to it by creating this little set of 3-inch custom Dunnys."

Check out more of Ryan's work on his website and flickr :)
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