Lapin Qbiq DIY Robot Rabbit by Fakir

LAPIN QBIQ is a cross between a rabbit and a robot, and is a delightful "platform" toy from France - tho "new" on TRE, has been exhibiting thru France as a touring show (featuring customs from 50 artists) for a year now!

Designed and self-produced by 22 year old French toy-designer and graphist; FAKIR ~ Lapin Qbiq's current toy-incarnation is a 7 inch tall figure made in ABS ~ available in 3 editions: BLANK (White), DARK (Black) and GID (Glow-in-the-Dark). SRP is pegged at 20€ per - currently available by emailing contact [at] CLICK THRU for my quickie-Q&A with Fakir about the figure's genesis and plans (including loads more custom L.Q-pics).



FAKIR: THE L.Q is borne from a mix between a robot and a rabbit. I created the LAPIN QBIQ because I saw that all toys were round-shaped, and so I thought that it will be original to make a toy different, more cubic to change the way it is to be customed, and with different parts to facilitate the customization...

TOYSREVIL: Good call! How long has Lapin Qbiq been around?

FAKIR: I have been working on the L.Q for approximately 3 years now, in between that time - I had made my first prototype in 3 inch size, in resin polyuréthane with a silicone mold at home. The second prototype was 7 inch tall and was made in poly-resin, and the latest and definitive version is also 7 inches (17cm), and made in ABS, produced in a Chinese factory.

TOYSREVIL: Quite the journey, Fakir! And how many DIY Versions are there?



TOYSREVIL: How can folks purchase a Lapin Qbiq? Is there an online locale they can pick up a L.Q?

FAKIR: I have been spending my time recently to find different shops to distribute it in France, and hopefully in the world soon ; ) ... Meanwhile you can contact me at contact [at] and can also buy it very soon at, the public price is 20€

If you know any toyshop in singapore which might be interested to distribute it, I'm interested ^^

[See more customed Lapin Qbiqs on MySpace]

TOYSREVIL: Lemme hook you up, dude :) ... I've seen quite a few group custom shows featuring Lapin Qbiq - What has been happening thus far and what are your plans for future shows?

FAKIR: I have been organizing a touring exhibition in France for a year now, with 6 show in 6 different towns, featuring 50 artists (designers, graphic artists, painters etc) with the second propotype in resin to promot the L.Q. And now for the future my dream is to make an exhibition in Hong Kong or in USA ^^

TOYSREVIL: Hey, don't forget about Singapore! LOL - Thank you for your time Fakir, and we'll be looking forward to more Lapin Qbiq-news in the very near future. In closing, please share with TRE-readers: WHO IS FAKIR?

FAKIR: My name is FAKIR, I am a 22 year old French toy-designer and graphist, and I also practice custom, paints and graffiti. [MySpace]

[Fakir's custom-L.Q]