Watchmen Movie Books: Portraits / The Art Of / Film Companion


There's this whiff of a warped-hint of irony (or perhaps it be "cyclic-evolution") whereby the conceptual-path / journey of a live-action film adapted from a printed-comic book (story) further produces printed-books about the making of said live-action-film. Glorious, methinks. And Rorschach has become the de-facto poster-child for the film (heh). CLICK THRU to find out a bit more about Watchmen: Portraits, Watchmen: The Art of the Film & Watchmen: The Film Companion :)

Watchmen: Portraits by photographer Clay Enos is a hardcover coffee table book showcasing portraits (duh) of both cast and crew from the Watchmen-film. Amazon has it listed for pre-order at US$50 (discounted to US$31.50) with a February 10th 2009-release date.

These black & white stills / images have been released via Empire Online and shows Rorschach (whose on the cover of the book too), The Comedian, Nite Owl, (a very yummy) Silk Spectre, Ozymandias and a pre-atomic Dr Manhattan.

Source: GeekyRants via John from SpankyStokes (cheers for the headsup, dude!)


Watchmen: The Art of the Film by Peter Aperlo is a hardcover book showcasing behind-the-scenes story boards, conceptual art, costume designs etc, as well as feature new illustrations by the artist for the "original" Watchmen-comicbook; Dave Gibbons! Aint It Cool News scored a couple of panels (mirrored below ;p) Amazon has priced it at US$40 (with a discount at US$26.40) with a February 10th 2009 release date.

Amazon also lists a Watchmen: The Official Film Companion (Hardcover Edition) for US$29.95 (discounted at US$19.77) with a February 17th-release date - and Total Film reveals exclusive never-before-seen page-images (6) which shows some *Movie-SPOILERS* (You have been warned :p)