Bomber Zero by Rohby x Android8

From a WW2 Japanese Zero Fighter to a hi-tech Battroid - mecha-customizer Rohby's upcoming transforming BOMBER ZERO original toy from Android8 treads the sweet borderline between nostalgia and sci-fi fantastique, IMHO. Sugoi, Neh!

Currently with no tangible product details for public consumption - Bomber Zero made it's debut at the recent New York Comic Con 2009, and it's creator Rohby took some time out for an interview with ToyArk here (cheers for the headsup, Dan!) - which perhaps might shed some further light on Bomber Zero.

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On the question of having Bomber Zero in a single distinctive colorway or multiple color schemes:
ROHBY: "We haven't decided on that yet. It's still rather early for us to make that decision at the moment."


On the question of why the Zero jet fighter was chosen as a basis for his toy:
ROHBY: "I chose this particular plane for a simple reason. If a plane like this from WWII was to actually transform, it'll most likely come from Japan in my opinion. They just love them mechas."


On the question of describing the personality of the robot:
ROHBY: "The personality of the robot would definitely have to be pure confidence. I wanted to capture this through its pose as well. It's floating calmly in mid-air slightly leaning backwards and just ready for action without a single doubt."


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- Images via Rohby's flickr
- CLICK to read an interview with Rohby on TRE (circa 2007 - curing his "Elbow Grease" custom show @ mph)

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bighatdino said…
Lovely, and very clever.

Hmm, I wonder if that comes apart easily, as it would be awesome, to customise it as a Spitfire :)
denis said…
It reminds me of the Gobot "Zero"... It looks really cool, I'm really looking forward to see the definitive toy with paintings!