CORALINE Movie eBay Auctions to Benefit Starlight Children's Foundation


Prompted by a headsup via my youtube-channel (cheers "TranCendenZ"! ~ gawds but I luv the www), I'd discover a slew of Coraline movie-related memorabilia currently up for auction on eBay, which 100% of final sale prices going to Starlight Children's Foundation [www]. Items listed include a Coraline Box #41/50 (Item no: 400029130826), movie-maquettes of Father, Mother & Coraline, Coraline & Circus Mice puppets! CLICK THRU for images or go direct to the *starlightstarbright* ebay-shop for the full-listing (FYI: 8 days more til end of auctions - at time of this post)


CORALINE [www] is a 3D animated movie directed by Henry Selick, based on a novella by Neil Gaiman with animation by LAIKA. Coraline February 6th 2009 (except for Singapore, scheduled for April *sobz*).

[CLICK for Coraline-coverage on TRE]


Coraline Box #41 contains: Coraline’s military hat, Coraline’s rubber boots, a metal door key, and a set of stills from the film signed by director Henry Selick. [Link]


This auction includes hand-crafted collectible relics from the set of Coraline. For the last three years, 351 of the world’s oddest and most talented animators, artisans, and puppet fabricators have been hand-making one movie. Inside this old box is a one-of-a-kind collection of relics directly from the set of Coraline, the first full-length animated film from LAIKA, Inc. Only 50 boxes were made, entirely by hand, in sunny Portland, Oregon. These boxes are extremely rare and collectible. This is box #41/50.

AUCTION-STATUS: Auction for Box #41/50 ended on February 13th with a winning bid of US$3,250 (36 Bidders).


This Coraline puppet is one of 28 Coraline animation puppets used in the filming of the movie. The puppet is handcrafted, fully articulate and stands 9 3/4” high. Created from a metal armature, silicone skin, synthetic hair, and dressed in her “rescue outfit” (pajamas, bag, sneakers) this puppet is an incredible keepsake from Henry Selick’s Coraline. Coraline comes enclosed in a beautiful glass dome and stands on a wooden base. A small amount of assembly will be required upon receipt.



Other Mr. Bobinsky’s jumping circus mice! The mouse was hand painted and holds an instrument. The mouse is enclosed in a glass dome created especially by the Coraline crew!



Resin-cast design maquettes (statues) of Coraline, Mother and Father used in the character development process. A small amount of assembly will be required upon receipt. (*DISCLAIMER: The sizes of the figures shown in the image above were montaged by myself and may not be wholly accurate to the actual product, yeh? :p)


- Coraline stands 11” high and features Coraline in an outfit not used in the film.
- Mother stands 12" high and was used to flesh out Mother’s personality and look during the character development process of the film Coraline.
- Father stands 14.5" high and was used during the pre-production process of character development, which shows off Father’s quirky persona and love of coffee.


Disclaimer: All Product-Description / Text and Images herein are extracted from the original auction-pages. Authenticity has not been verified, but I sincerely doubt anyone would want to perpetuate a fraud as elaborate as this, innit? For charity, no less! No offense of coz - and go do your bit for charity and score Coraline-goodness at the same time! I would if I could afford them, innit?

CLICK on image below to find out more about the original 50 Coraline Boxes:


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