Terminator: Salvation 1:6 Endoskeletons T-600 & T-700 by Hot Toys

*Holy Fudge-pies*

First there was the T-700 Terminator Factory Diorama Set [PEEP]. Now, Hot Toys continues their first wave of 1/6th-scaled movie-figures from the upcoming McG-directed and Christian Bale-starring TERMINATOR: SALVATION feature film (also known to fans as T4 or T:S) with the advent of the 12-inch tall Skynet foot soldier T-700 Endoskeleton and the 14 inch tall T-600 Endoskeleton ~ complete with gaitling gun!

Indeed HT has yet again set the bar for exceptional 1/6th-movie figures, IMHO. The real kicker? Both figures feature Light-up eyes (via cell button batteries / included). The T-700 has a tentative drop-date of April 2009, while T-600 follows up in May 2009. Now, I shoulda worn a pair of adult diapers while perusing the images and suggest you do so, as you CLICK THRU for more images and product-specs! [FYI: Currently no prices are quoted - will update once I find out!]

UPDATE: Prices have been listed on Blister (for reference - do check with your fav retailers for final MSRP outside of Japan).

MMS - Terminator 4 - T-600 (June 2009-drop)
- PRICE: ¥22,000 (US$232 / SGD$357)
MMS - Terminator 4 - T-700 (May 2009-drop)
- PRICE: ¥18,000 (US$190 / SGD$292)
Diorama Masterpiece - Terminator 4 - T-700 Factory (June 2009-drop)
- PRICE: ¥12,000 (US$127 / SGD$194)


1/6th scale Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS93) T-600 ENDOSKELETON [www]

The massive killing machine - T-600 collectible figure features:
- Approximately 35 cm / 14 inches tall.
- over 25 Points of articulations plus fully articulated fingers.
- Light-up eyes (cell button battery operated / battery included).
- Accessories includes Gatling gun, ammo pack with harness.
- Movie scene featured figure base with nameplate
- Release date: May, 2009
- Pics via OSW


1/6th scale Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS94) T-700 ENDOSKELETON [www]

The Skynet's foot soldier - T700 collectible figure features:
- Approximately 31 cm / 12 inches tall
- over 25 points of articulations plus fully articulated fingers and toes
- Light-up eyes (cell button battery operated / battery included)
- Movie scene featured figure base with nameplate
- Release date: April, 2009
- Pics via OSW


"Watch out! The T4 - TERMINATORS will invade Hot Toys! - Only 3 months left, the most anticipated Sci-fi movie in 2009 will be up! Before then, Hot Toys is gonna bring you the first wave of collectibles from the MMS series. They are the 12" high T-700 Endoskeleton collectible figure and 14" high T-600 Endoskeleton collectible figure, both figurines are perfectly in 1/6th scale, feature eyes light-up function, and come along with a movie scene featured figure base."

"Here's some information related to the terminators which you may interested: T-700 are killing machines move in armies to wipe out resistance hold outs. This machine is sleeker, faster and smarter than the T-600. T-600 carry artillery sized weapons and have only one purpose – Terminate all human beings! If you want to know more, stick around at hottoys.com.hk! More 1/6th scale collectibles will debut before May, 2009." [via Hot Toys e-newsletter]

[Additional Images below via Toy-World]


  1. Andy, I wet myself too!
    I was hunting for fair priced HT Damaged endoskeleton, screw that now.
    I will get new ones, for MSRP and that's it.

  2. The minigun wielder looks damn awesome. Hmmmmmm...


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