Wanted Dead Or Alive: Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) in 1:6 by Triad Toys

Featuring real leather holsters and belts, full metal bullets, full metal, functional spurs and an authentic likeness of Josh Randall (as played by Steve McQueen), Triad Toys are proud to debut the Wanted: Dead or Alive Josh Randall 12-inch figure! [previously teased]

"A lot of development work went into Josh as we researched his rifle, the Winchester M'92 Mare's Leg extensively. All of his clothing went through numerous revisions to get the perfect fit and texture to match the original sets worn by Josh Randall in the series. Pre-order early since this figure is very limited and will sell-out quickly!" ~ CLICK THRU for more pics and product-specs.

Priced at U$89.99 with a tentative release date of April 30th, the Wanted: Dead or Alive - Josh Randall 12 Inch Figure can now be pre-ordered @ www.triadestore.com. (cheers for the headsup, Jon)

Wanted: Dead or Alive - Josh Randall 12 Inch Figure includes the following items:
- 1 Josh Randall authentic likeness headsculpt sculpted by Shane Talbott
- 1 Omega 12 Inch Figure Body with over 35 points of articulation
- 1 Cowboy Hat
- 1 Mare's Laig Rifle
- 1 Real Leather Gun Holster with Metal Buckles and Functional Slots for Bullets
- 16 Full Metal Rifle Rounds
- 1 Pair Cowboy Boots with Full Metal and Functional Rotating Spurs
- 1 Denim Jeans
- 1 Flannel Cowboy Shirt
- 1 Fully Lined Lambswool Jacket with Functional Pockets

[Sweet weapon + accessories, IMHO]

"Wanted: Dead or Alive follows the chronicles of bounty hunter Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) as he pursues some of the West’s most notorious villains. Rugged, but often soft-hearted Randall often donates his earnings to the needy and helps prisoners if they are wrongly accused."


  1. Well, they obviously didn't spend ENOUGH time looking up the 1892 winchester rifle, as their little reproduction has an 1873 winchester receiver (with some funny rounded lower edges)! Also, I have no idea what that additional rectangular section is on the top of the receiver; it's not present on either the 1873 or the 1892.


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