Bandage and Scab Plush by Purple Flavour

Admittedly, I'm one of those folks who pick on their scabs. The rough-terrain of recovering skin that clads thy bloodied wounds? Yep, nigh-pickable. Heck, I'm tactile-sensitive, so sue me. Even right now, I'm scratching at my dried left ankle dead-skin until there's a mild wetness - for which I assume is blood (am not kidding). So when DKE Toys solicits the Purple Flavor-designed and produced BANDAGE AND SCAB Plush? I resist the urge to scratch at the image on my monitor (J/K)

"Hey everybody my name's Crustopher the Scab. I'm that best friend you just love to pick on. I come complete with a blood-stained bandage. "It's my blanket!" Hold me, tickle me, nibble my crispy edges, just don't forget I'm a part of you. Do you have a place in your heart for a Scab?"

SRP is US$15 (Size undetermined tho) - Check with your fav retailer for availability and CLICK THRU for more scab-pics = and by that I meant the plush variety, not the human-tissue types (this ain't that type'a blog innit?) heh.


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