MMS DX 1/6 Joker by Hot Toys (Teaser #1)


I reckon this teaser-image deserves the fully-posted-treatment - not least becoz it parallels one of the early The Dark Knight teaser-images - but also features a character from one of the more memorable (fan) films of 2008, IMHO. Imagine having Heath Ledger (as The Joker) in the palm of your hands. Now imagine it with a nigh-realistic Ledger-doll in the palm of your hands. Looking at this blurred image, it still sends a shiver down my weary-spine.

With this image of THE JOKER from Hot Toys' recently announced / revealed MMS DX Line - it goes to show that my speculation of the DX-release being a 2-figure deluxe boxed-set featuring a Police Honor Guard-Joker, as well as a possible re-release of the very 1st JOKER (with concealed grenades-in-longcoat, photoshopped-brightened for your collective drooling-pleasures) may perhaps be very frighteningly real - not that the release is not welcomed (altho folks who procured the first generation HT-Joker may feel a tad miffed) - but the possibilities of it being nigh-cool may well be high too ... I think "excitement" may not be able to encapsulate the full-feeling, IMHO.


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