Gamma Mutant Space Friends Mini Series by Tara McPherson x Kidrobot

Pastel punk illustrator Tara McPherson’s GAMMA MUTANT SPACE FRIENDS land on earth April 23rd - courtesy of Kidrobot. The mini series includes 10 figures and 2 chases - and will come blind–boxed with a SRP of US$7.95 each. [info]

And it looks like Ace Kittyhawk and Ion Z from Tara's previous flocked release with KR [PEEP] lives on again in toydom!


J-R00 said…
I LOVE Tara Mcpherson's work! She is one of my favorite illustrators.

These figs seem kind of subpar to her style. Or maybe this is just a crappy pre-production photo? I dunno. I have her Ace and Ion and they are a really well done piece. I wonder if these will be close to that quality? I hope so. I will check them out at KR when they come in.

J-R00 :D

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