Custom MUTT Show @ APW Gallery NYC (Apr 3)

WHAT-IS: "The idea behind MUTT was to create a D.I.Y. that you could not only custom, but could custom build. MUTT, appropriately named, is just that. you can mix and match any accessories giving you more options in the D.I.Y. side of things than were previously available. the "shell" itself is an ambiguous shape that lends its self to go any direction you would want to take it."

WHO/WHERE/WHEN: Designed by tyleR - MUTT is made of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and stands 5" long x 3" tall x 3" wide. MUTT currently has a dedicated retail site @ and a myspace - where a whole bunch of custom-MUTTS completed for an upcoming custom show @ APW Gallery NYC (circa April 3rd / Event) can be found (and pilfered-blind for this video I cobbled-up below :p). CLICK THRU for URL-links to the featured artists in the slideshow-video :)

Custom MUTT images via the following links:

- More of FAS's custom-MUTT on KR
- More of MONSTERDECAY's custom-MUTT on KR
- More of Project Detonate's custom-MUTT on KR & blog.
- More of Lysol's custom-MUTT (including making-of) on KR
- More of Nasty Neil's custom-MUTT on KR
- More of D-Lux's custom-MUTT on KR
- More of PHU!'s custom-MUTT on KR

Customs-shown in video include:

- Trenton Matthews
- Matthew Lyman
- squidnik
- Drilone
- Matthew Ryan Sharp
- Phoneticontrol

Participating Artists List for CUSTOM MUTT SHOW:

- tyleR - betso - chelsea rae bloxsom - héctor casanova - chico san - crestone - d-lux - drilone - eggs - fas - patrick francisco - gear - adrian halpern - jon-paul kaiser - kerry lee - matthew lyman - trenton matthews - monster decay - motorbot - nasty neil - newkon - brent nolasco - okkle - oktobot - phu! - phoneticontrol - lou pimentel - plasticme - pocketwookie - project detonate - jeremy regan - retoreject - rsinart - rebelwookie - matthew ryan sharp - nerviswr3k - sike style - slobot - sneaky raccoon - spanky stokes - squidnik - tnes - ultra - useless - johnny vampotna - willow - james yeah? - hans yim - zoso.