TOYSREVIL @ #Open Room Session (March 10)

THE-NIGHT-BEFORE: The Ogilvy #OPEN ROOM session [WHAT] on March 10th started shortly after 7pm, and wrapped up around 11-ish. The primary topic of the event was “YOUR BLOG: How To Market Your Blog Like A Brand”. There were 4 speakers in all (including your's truly).

Jon Yong Fook (yes, THAT YongFook) started the ball rolling with "8 profound and life changing things that happened because of my blog" (I too hope to date meet Natalie one day), followed by Arti Mulchand - with an insightful look into print media, and the promotion of good blogging journalism with "Write Right" (Gawds but I feel shallow - and yes, I write a lot of "I"s and emoticons ;p). Due to "technical-delays" (I hadn't cued up my presentation slides :p) Brian Ling of Design Sojourn spoke next, and Brian made me feel inadequate ... with his "How to be a _____ superstar" slideshow and of running my blog, I mean!

Me? I yakked and made funnies. heh. [CLICK THRU FOR MORE]

Brian Koh of Ogilvy blogs about the key takeaways of the Ogilvy Blogger Open Room Session on Kudos to Pat, Tania, Brian at Ogilvy PR's 360* Digital Influence Team for organizing the event! (SGEntrepreneurs has some words about the trio here) It was a blast, lah!

THE-DAY-AFTER: Oh dear. I think I may have yakked on more than the given one thousand and eight hundred seconds and caused at least two gentlemen to miss a party date (with hawt babes ... maybe) and perhaps inconvenienced a few others who were kind to not just stand up and escape my shenanigans. And all this without beer in my belly and food! (I speak better hungry).

But I got me some laughs, especially with a beer bottle as an example of a "toy" (ye gawds but y'alls filthy-minded innit? ... *I Like*). Kudos to Pat for helping out set up my presentation (6 years without utilizing Microsoft Office had me at a disadvantage, I insist) and for hooking me up for the event. And thusly, with my flying spittle (not once but thrice) out of chapped lips and woes of weblogging-past regaled got me some crooked-brows and claps, and I can only hope it was worth the time for folks who'd stayed back. Thanks for listening, and for your patience!

Honesty Works. And Brutal Honesty ... well, Works Better?


It's kinda funny, this feeling inside (no worries, I ain't gonna break out in song...yet) to stand before a group of peers and baring my blogging history for all and sundry. Thy blog-cherry picked clean, or rather I peeled more than expected (did I mention all this was without beer?).

Gawds I am such a 'ho, but there ain't no other way to do it! Ya just gotta grab the bull by the balls and hope he doesn't drop kick you down the gutter, is all. Bruises go away, but the mind-scar haunts for all eternity. And strangely enough, I am okay with it.

Gawds but I am such a 'ho.

And one distinct aspect of local (Singaporean) blogs, are pictures of bloggers! For which unfortunately (for me) I have but one sole picture of me standing next to Yong Fook (*man-gush*). Claudia's got a write-up on the man you should check out on

NOTE-TO-SELF: Remember never to stand next to hawt male for photos, I'll just look like crap on legs.

UPDATED: New pics via Pat Law (who not only took my blog-prez-cherry, but pulled off a beard-tugging that hasn't happen to me in quite a long while ;p) and Jon blogs about his 7-day "whirlwind" adventures in Singapore here :)

Anyone else got pics - send them my way, thanks! OR leave a comment if you've covered thee event on your respective blog/s. Tis all about the link-lurve, folks! LOL

Gawds but have I become such a 'ho.

The following are just some sample slides of what I presented. Will be working out a more coherent one soon (I realized what I showed was more for my reference than for presentation LOL)

PRESENTATION: Toysrevil: Eh, You Singaporean (Blogger) Meh?

"Key takeaway: Original content. Toysrevil is the embodiment of passion when it comes to sharing knowledge, opinions on all things toys. But what really struck me, was how he puts his personal stamp on each picture he takes of a toy. In some sense, there is only one such picture in the world, they each tell a story, and convey important information for those in the toy scene. Each picture is uniquely his, and i believe that has helped add fans to his growing fan-base." [via] - thanks for the kind words, Brian!


DK said…
Nice meeting you yesterday at the open room. It was a great presentation.
Claudia said…
That photo with Yongfook rocks lah! Both of you look good!

And your deck rocks!! Photos tell your story very well! You're the proof that its not about the equipment! Its the man behind that lens that has the impact!

Thanks for the link-love to YF's post. *wink*
Shaun said…
congrats on the successful presentation, Andy! Thanks for posting the slides. :)
cosmicbaby said…
luv your Powerpoint slides, did they offer you a real job at OGV?
toysrevil said…
@DK - nice meeting you too dude - lurvin your blogger avatar LOL

@Claudia > thnks! *blush* lol

@Shuan > thanks man! hopefully i'll get my act together and do up all the slides nice n proper soonis ;p

@Marcus > thnks bro - and i doubt anybody in their right minds would lor! aahahahahahah