TOYSREVIL @ Open Room Session (March 10)

In a surprising development of my intrepid online-life, I (and a few others) have been asked to give a talk to a group of local (Singapore) bloggers tomorrow @ the premises of The Ogilvy Centre, as part of their Open Room Sessions initiative. A group of 30 peers shall have the pick of my "first" coming-out blog-cherry (sounds wrong only if you're filthy-mind, you randy-reader you ;p) as I attempt to yak on about the conception of TRE-blog, in a span of one thousand and eight hundred seconds.

Kudos to Ms Pat Law of Ogilvy PR's 360* Digital Influence Team for the invite (and tho the seats are limited, you may want to inquire at [at] Heck, even me own Mum's asked to come (am trying to get her started on blogs meself ~ nyuknyuknyuk). But no, Mum's not gonna be seeing my first. She'll be getting personal face-time with her first-born instead.

Although I am wondering to myself if TOYSREVIL has become a "brand" enough, for folks to recognize, much less "believe" in. Tis definitely something I am and have been working towards, in the bigger scheme of www-things ... but first I've got to convince folks of how to quote the "TOYSREVIL"-moniker accurately, innit? heh.


Shaun said…
congrats Andy! Will you be posting a transcript or slides of your presentation here?
toysrevil said…
thanks Shaun.

no plans at the mo to tho - althjo if i had my way, it'll be 30 minutes of video LOL

hhhmmm ;p
Sjors Trimbach said…
Good luck! And don't twitter while talking :D
Pat said…
We'll look into videotaping the entire session actually! :D See you tomorrow!
krakit said…
I know how to quote your
moniker as "TOYSREVIL" and
"toysrevil", but how is it

toysrevil said…
@Sjors > heheheheh - if i had me a webcam i would even consider a "live-feed"

@Pat > yikes! now im not too sure how i'd feel to be on camera LOL

@Krakit > the former. and thanks for your support.
Claudia said…
Thanks for the great sharing at open room tonight!! Really enjoyed your session! You kicked ass lah! Steady one! You should do more of such sessions! I sure go support one!

btw, i'm the one seated right next to the notebook lah.

mac rocks!
Benjamin Koe said…
Just want to say that your talk at Open Room was fascinating. I enjoy your passion for toys.
A said…
Mr Evil, you're becoming famous! :P