Infringing On Wolverine?

Do me a favour folks - have a look at the screengrabs posted here (do feel free to view them larger by clicking on them) and tell me if any of these images even remotely refer to or is connect in any visual way to the upcoming movie "X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE"?
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Why? Because all the albums listed here are from my Multiply-account, and has been requested to be taken down by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp - as apparently I had infringed on their intellectual property rights - specifically for X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.


ADDED (For further clarification):
WHAT-HAPPENED: A Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request was received by from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp (TCFFC) for me to take down / remove the said listed photo-albums. Access on the albums have been changed to be viewable by me only, for me to remove said album. has mentioned that they reserve the right to cancel my account if another violation has been discovered.

Upon my reply to Multiply customer-service, a specific contact email for the lawyer representing TCFFC was provided, for me to dispute the allegations - for which an email has been sent by myself over a week ago. Multiply had initially mentioned that if they receive word from TCFFC that they will reinstate my albums. Then they mention that resolution would be via me receiving a reply and/or confirmation from TCFFC's lawyers.

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A week has gone by since my email to their lawyer with an appeal to retract these baseless accusations, but frankly, should I even expect a reply? Tis one thing if I had indeed perpetrated a justified cyber-violation, but another when there is none that had transpired. The screengrabs posted here are of the specific albums which are in contention. Will I ever receive a reply from you, Ms Chai?

Realistically, I am not naive to think that anyone really cares if an honest mistake had been made or not. Or if an innocent has been accused of wrongdoing. The corporate wheels roll on, regardless of who they grind underneath them. So what else can I do but blog about it here? The images in question are personal images that I had taken, in relation to my hobby, and passion for the hobby.

And I am wondering, am I the only bloke stuck in this situation?

For sure the popcorn will continue to pop, butter will floweth down the theatre-aisles, and cash registers will chime away - the tills they are a'ringin'! Folks will queue up to watch the mutant berserker snikt his claws, and scrowl like an animal he is trying not to be ... who would care about the little folk? Who blogs like a sand-pebble amidst the vast expense of the desert-www?

Will this post change anything? I am not so naive to think it would, but neither will I just lay down and whimper quietly to myself and sob to sleep... and so I blog about it, tis all I can do, innit?

Goodbye "Logan" and all at Weapon-X, it was fun while it lasted.

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[FYI: All the images on the albums were taken by myself - and photographed in Singapore, and were posted in the year 2006]


  1. Man these goons are really high on substance. WTF?

  2. how anal can they get? 1 word from you Andy, and we will boycott the movie hahaha

  3. Wow... that's really stupid on their part. =/ Too protective since the leak, I guess.

  4. Don't give in.

    You're not the only one that has had this happen to them. In fact its becoming increasingly common for major studios to try and bully independent artists.

    There is one case of it happening, and a positive resolution.

    Blogging about it here is a good start. You might consider sending Consumerist (from the above story) an e-mail about it too.

  5. They've either got the wrong page or are blowing smoke up your @$$. As long as you have pictures and not actually selling something there's nothing they can do when it comes to custom or fan stuff.

  6. Well, there was no way in fuck I was going to pay to see that shitfest movie of theirs anyway, but this just seals the deal.


  7. @Gimbat > that's exactly what i'd thought!

    @gaiagear > frankly, it was clearly a mistake on their end, but it was a mistake i had to "pay" for, not them.

    @hadrian > hahahaha I doubt if i have the right to ask folks to boycott the movie, but myself and my blog will boycott the movie.

    I understand tis someone doing their job, but in the end, would a mistake ever be righted?

    i am taking this personally.

  8. @Catz Kay > totally understandable that they had a job to do, especially since the leak (which ironically i had not posted or linked to the leak at all LOL).

    @tande04 > thanks for the Consumerist headsup! Will def consider it seriously. I had held in this post for a week now, and will see if any resolution will come out of it for another week, if not, Consumerist will def be getting a mail from me lol

    @John Mallamas > dude, i have no doubt they most probably had gotten the wrong pages. if you look closely at my blog-right menu near bottom, you'll see a cluster of images of my posted personal 1/6th-scaled kitbashes - which links to the Multiply-albums in question! lol

    @Tom Dougherty > i admit i was interested enough initially to blog about the movie and perhaps even considered watching it in the cinemas (i'm still a soppy comicbook-lurver at heart :p) ... but yep, now they have sealed the deal for me.

    *Crosses Wolverine-movie off my list*

    sod it if i sound petty, becoz it's become personal.

  9. Sounds like someone told them you had images of their movie and then another moron started mailing you about the first toysrevil site he found.
    Hey let's sue a blog that supports us!!!
    Maybe that is your best reply: tell them that you will stop blogging about any of their future movies.

  10. take em to court. DMCA abuse. You have the opportunity. Let the EFF know, as well.

  11. You can file a counter-notice with your hosting service disputing the DMCA takedown notice. 20th Century must reply with a lawsuit to keep the takedown in effect.

  12. Techdirt did an article on your "situation". Looks like you should file a counternotice with 20th century fox.

  13. Send your ISP a counter notification letter.

  14. @Sjors > a case of happy-clicking, I reckon - no doubt during the time of the wolverine-leak - which ironically i did not link to any footage or website that leaked it, instead put up a tongue-in-cheek pic of a toy-wolverine ... or maybe they were "trying to show me a lesson"?

    I've since altered all the wolverine movie posts on TRE. X-Men Origins: Wolverine will no longer have any support from TRE for as long as the accusations are not removed, blog-hits be damned.

  15. @Usage May Vary > do pardon my ignorance, but what's the EFF? As for taking them to court - im just a humble blogger who is ripe for such "bullying" from the corporations. But thanks for the suggestion!

  16. @Wanderer > the hosting-service aka is a free hosting site ala social-network-ish setup which i've utilized since 2004 (even before this blog) and frankly, given the instructions of me awaiting the reply from 20thcenturyfox instead of themselves (who received the complaint directly) - just shows me how much they "care" about the situation - which basically is next-to-none, i suspect. I hope i am wrong.

    Thanks for the suggestion! Worth a try, I guess ... and they could just choose to take away everything I've ever posted there for the past 5 years.

    Caught in limbo, dangling from a tripwire hung 20 feet from a blackhole-void, innit? lol

  17. @Nightmare > thanks for the headsup, Nightmare! am trying to absorb as much information before deciding next course of action. I just want my albums to be reinstated, name cleared and move on. sadly i cant afford the $$$ or time to engage in legal wrangling ... frustrating nevertheless >:@

    (FYI: I earned a whopping US$14 for Feb via adsense - so there's an idea of how much i earn from this blog :p)

  18. @ Chuck > thanks for the "counter notification letter"-suggestion and link, Chuck!

  19. It looks like a shotgun approach
    by the legal types. They don't
    look to see if you're guilty
    of anything. They just hope
    to scare every one in order
    to reduce the temptation for
    people to harm their future

    It shows they are weak and
    resort to bullying instead
    of using their brains to
    come up with better ways
    to keep their movies safe.


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