GALTOW: Animated Movies, iTunes Director's Cut and Designer Tees!

The year is 2015. It has been almost twenty-five years since the conclusion of The Second Vietnam War started by the impeached president Klaus Johnson. The U.S Government in the throes of a depression has been overrun by the escalation of crime and the emergence of a new breed of warriors. Born to this age are men and women who've embraced the codes and effects of warriors from ancient Japan and China. Warrior classes have replaced gangs as the social class of the decaying urban environment.

A vast array of fighters has emerged to loom over the streets. Placing a low value on their own lives and everyone around them. These warriors live for the moment of the fight, which they call " GALTOW " And to become a Galtow master is to exceed all others and be treated with unrivaled respect. To these ends fighters will go to any length, including genetic enhancements and cyborg augmentations... [MORE]

So goes the story of GALTOW by Xmoor Studios [www / blog] - and in 2009, Publisher/Writer Robert Garrett and Publisher/Artist Eric Nocella Diaz are poised to bring their GALTOW comicbook series to the forefront of fandom, starting with plans for animated movies, iTunes-comics and Designer Tees (teased below)! CLICK THRU for a run down of happenings to come, as well as stay tuned to TOYSREVIL to bring you the hottest and latest news of GALTOW!



A CG Teaser Trailer for GALTOW was debut during the New York Comic Con in February and an updated version can be now be viewed online (via QT) at! [Smaller web-version here]. Produced by Shimmer Media - the plan is to produce short independent direct-to-DVD animated movies, with the first short dubbed: RISE OF THE SAMURAI - covering the exploits of Galtow Warrior Keylon Jakes!


Xmoor Studios have also signed a deal to bring the illustrated Galtow books to iTunes starting with Book 1 The Director's Cut - which will offer more than the regular original series. For one it will be in never before seen full color (well the first two issues any way) and will be available very soon in the new format for download for a fee.


On the merchandizing front - there will be a range of apparels with the first wave comprising 12 designs of Designer Tees - with four of them currently teased on the Xmoor online store - and now exclusively previewed in full larger-sized image glory on TRE! With a SRP of US$27-per - stores and retailers interested in pre-orders are to contact either Robert Garrett at and/or Eric Nocella Diaz at



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