HERD by Adriean Koleric

WHAT: HERD @ latitude 53 by Adriean Koleric [tagged-on-TRE]
WHEN: April 17th thru to May 16th 2009
WHERE: Click

Check out the slideshow video of the Making of HERD and CLICK THRU for an interview with Adriean on his first solo show - which includes customed AT-ATs and resin toys made by The Sucklord :)

TOYSREVIL: For the benefit of the TRE-readers who may not have been following TRE's coverage of your show [tagged] - Please share with us: What is HERD about?

ADRIEAN KOLERIC [www]: HERD is my first solo outing. The exhibit is the first in a series that will be focusing on early 80's Western Pop Culture and it's enduring influence on today's Designers and Artists. The first installment centers around the original Star Wars AT-AT (Imperial Walker) designs in numerous mediums including a dozen customized models that were released back in 1980 and reissued in '97.

TOYSREVIL: Lurvin' them Walkers - ever since I first posted about them on TRE while you were prepping for HERD! (and back when it was nearly called: "rat-ATAT-touille" ;p). How has the process been like for you? Both conceptualizing and the actual execution of the elements, and of bringing the show together?

ADRIEAN KOLERIC: You know what? It was a pretty good time. From sketching concepts to bidding on old models off of E-Bay. I seriously enjoyed every minute of it. Even when I messed up on something, I kept a level head and trudged on. Probably the most excited I had been was the days leading towards set-up. I seriously love setting up shows for some reason. It's like the calm before the storm I guess.

TOYSREVIL: That's what got to me = that you actually went and procured actual At-At models rather than making a fascimiles of it. For folks who are unable to visit your show physically - do explain the different elements of your show / display please!

ADRIEAN KOLERIC: Well there are of course the dozen AT-AT models situated in the center of the room depicting the whole ‘HERD’ movement which is essentially the heart of the show. From there I’ve then got a dozen resin figures of my AK-AT driver (3 3/4"h) which I was lucky enough to get The Sucklord to produce. The figure is basically comprised of the head of an AT-AT driver on top of a business suited model to depict how even as adults, there is still that desire to be a kid at home and just play rather than crunch numbers all day. On the opposite wall are 3 panels (16"X60") with each containing a transfer of my 'mash-up' characters similar to what I was trying to accomplish with the AK-AT figures.


ADRIEAN KOLERIC: I then produced a large wall light feature (40"x150") that had a dozen yellow AT-AT silhouettes glowing through a plane of white plexi to compliment and mimic the 'HERD' movement but in a different medium. Plus it helped create abit of a 'relaxed' atmosphere for the visitor. I've actually got a potential buyer who wants to use it as a headboard for his bedroom. How cool is that???


ADRIEAN KOLERIC: Lastly I had the 'HERD' logo printed as a 48"x60" self adhesive vinyl wallpaper panel to tie it all in. OH WAIT! I forgot, I had an old Snow Speeder kicking around that ended up being hung from the rafters above the dozen AT-AT's at the last minute. I gave it a once over of white and attached a couple of lime green branches to simulate the exhaust. Odd enough it was actually my favorite component as it brought me back to the days of creating your own battle scenes in the backyard and not having a worry in the world. Funny thing is, not many people noticed it at the opening which was kind of funny. Those that did loved it and got the message right away. It really did cap it all off for me.

TOYSREVIL: I noticed the Snow Speeder in one of the photos! Tis like "play", when a spontaneous expression that is not a part of the initial "master plan" gets done - the feeling is quite different, I dare say :) How do you feel about your show now? After it's completed and opened to the public?

ADRIEAN KOLERIC: Kind of sad knowing that the process is done and also knowing that I probably won't see some of these pieces in person ever again if they do sell. But at the same time there's obviously a feeling of self-satisfaction having pulled off a solo, especially the first one. Overall it's pretty well what I had envisioned and hope those that attend will get something out of it.

TOYSREVIL: Are any or all of the displays available for sale? And when?

ADRIEAN KOLERIC: Yes! All items in the show are indeed for sale and have been selling which is always good. If anyone is interested they can contact either myself or the gallery for a list of what's still available. The items left over will be posted on my site after May 16th.

TOYSREVIL: What's up next for you, Adriean? I remember you mentioning a certain metal-face-masked would-be world-conqueror...[*cough*]

ADRIEAN KOLERIC: I've started working on the next gig which is using Cobra Commander as a central feature. It's not a custom show, but more of an installation piece similar to HERD. The show will have this whole 'power trip' theme to it and asking questions like "if you had the chance to rule the world, would you take it?". Stuff along those lines. I'm planning on making it more interactive for the viewer by giving them a chance to step behind the infamous Cobra podium in front of 100 dedicated soldiers while reading some propaganda off a teleprompt. So there's also abit of performance art as well.

I'd also like to sit down and figure out where i'm going with all of this. I'm starting to get pre-occupied with the direction of my work, signs of growth and if i'm developing a style that is recognizable. I'm not the strongest painter or illustrator, so I find i'm always trying to find ways of making due with what I have and know. I have an inkling that i'll venture more into installations which excites me somewhat.

TOYSREVIL: I personally think a lot of folks get stuck at the notion of "skill" or "abilities" (or lack thereof) which impedes folks from getting into executing their dreams, or even starting on them - I know I'm guilty of that in many respects (and certainly no disrespect to folks who do possess the proverbial skill and talent) - so all I dare say is "Good On You", Adriean for HERD and look forward to more stuff from you! Thanks for your time and trouble for this interview, and in closing - please do share with us = WHO IS ADRIEAN KOLERIC? And what is ITEM?

ADRIEAN KOLERIC: I'm a chump from Canada that's spent the better part of the last decade in the Design world, but am now venturing back into the Art which was always first for me. As for ITEM, it's simply a moniker I work under. My work is fairly simple, so I wanted a simple name to be associated with it all.

Image Source: HERD on ITEM
Additional video coverage on SOMOV including interview with Adriean (as well as artist Jon Sasaki for his show Some Unabashed Optimism)


jmania said…
Great post! Thanks for the info.

Sorry if everyone knows this, but just FYI, that "business suit" is from the "Toht" action figure from Raiders of the Lost Ark. I remember my friend showing me that figure when I was 8 and thinking it was kind of lame. Good to see it's been made cool finally!
ITEM said…
I was so stoked when Sucklord mentioned he was using that figure from Raiders. It worked out pretty darn good. The guy is a master at kit bashing.