Bunny Sees Boobs by Colin Christian

While initial hype has since dwindled somewhat (if online chatter is any indication) - BUNNY SEES BOOBS by Colin Christian x MINDstyle remains one of the more - shall we say, "cheekier" art toys around - deftly balancing the thin tightrope between cutesy-bunny and soft-core mammary-manifestations, don't you think?

Eerily bodiless-boobies aside - regardless of one's personal preference and taste, it is always interesting to see products testing the edge of pop culture acceptance - in no less a tasteful manner, IMHO.

Standing erect at 10" high and limited to 200 pcs worldwide, Bunny Sees Boobs has a SRP of US$150. The set comes gift boxed with a numbered collector's card. CLICK THRU for more bunny-eyeballin' titty-pics (Quasi-NSFW: if bodiless-breasts offend you)


MINDstyle-blogged: "The “over-the-top aesthetic” of busty anime chicks continues to influence Christian, but recently he’s been drawing inspiration from pinup models and sci-fi themes. Yet, we all agreed to work on one of his more humorous figures that seemed to capture both, and on that note, we agreed that Bunny Sees Boobs would be the perfect collectible figure."

[hhhmmm ... from the scale of the bunny, seems the "object of it's attention" is true-to-scale, no? heh]
Additional Images via MINDstylePH / Below original sculpts via Tomensuke


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