Event Images & Video for Cute & Dangerous (June 12)

seven degrees' inaugural Cute & Dangerous art event [WHAT] happened over the weekend just (June 12), and we get a look at show via video (posted above / made by Lerms) and event images courtesy of Beastilies-creator Leslie Leving, Design studio Jupey Krusho® and Mexican-artist Anita Meija!

/// CLICK THRU for words and snaps (via slideshows) of the event-night :)

[78 x images via Leslie Leving's flickr-set]

[Beastilies by Leslie Levings]

[30 x images via Jupey Krusho's flickr-set]

When asked how was event-experience for "Cute & Dangerous" - Jupey Krusho-said: "Regarding the event they really went all out - giving the artists all-access badges and complimentary drinks all night. I talked to another artist there and we were surprised at how lavish the event was. Mugen Suzuki and his staff really did an amazing job at putting the exhibition together - especially with 16 artists from around the world."

"It was a special night for all who attended - it was like super sensory overload. Gourmet food, red carpet, raffle drawings for goody bags that even the artists were dying for, impeccable presentation, a wide selection of art and an interactive piece by Jon burgerman where everyone could step in and be a part of it. Truly a triumph!"

[Lucky winner of a 6" Yum Yum plush by Jupey Krusho / get your own here for US$10-per]

[16 x images in Anita Meija's flickr-tag]

Anita Meija-mentions: "It was a fun experience sharing nice moments with the other artist and enjoyin their artwork. It was also great to be able to show my artwork and know cool new people! Everything was awesome!"