The Godfather (Original Version) by Michael Lau in Color!

Tis actually quite apt and fitting that Michael Lau is doing the GODFATHER (Original Marionette Version) figure from MINDstyle, as he has been oft known as the "Godfather of Hong Kong Designer Vinyl" in the 90s (or variations bestowed thereof). And from last week's basic prototype sculpts, we now have the figure in Full Color! [CLICK THRU for a closer-look!]

PRESS: MINDstyle International is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Paramount Licensing, Inc., and the launch of their new art toy collectibles (ATC) line with The Godfather. Fans of the masterpiece will have an entirely new medium and interpretation because of the art toy product category.

The Original version (with marionette) is packaged in a special limited edition collectors box will launch at the “Family Tradition” art exhibition curated by Ron English in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 19th at De la Barracuda and San Diego Comic Con. In addition, two alternate color ways of the OG version will be available in limited edition from select retailers.


Michael Lau masterminded the style and approach with MINDstyle to produce the art toy figures inspired by the film classic. MINDstyle will next follow-up with the release of a Classic figure and a Secret figure by Michael Lau. Both products are scheduled to reach store shelves in fall, 2009 worldwide.

[5 x Images for Full-shot The Godfather by Michael Lau]


Additional images via MINDstyle-blog


suck said…
Sorry, I gotta mention this. The figure ain't bad, but the symbolism is wrong. The Don isn't a puppet, he's the puppeteer. That's his hand pulling the stings in the logo. There's no one controlling the Don.

When you do a tribute like this, these things matter.

EDAYE said…
Very true Sucklord..but I do like the figure very much. May get it but I like to wait and see the variants.
gonedaddyfinch said…
I understand your point Sucklord I felt the same at first glance ...

But then thought the symbolism here though not the original intention could be that there was always someone pulling the dons strings ...a higher power ...or lower power in this case.

Whatever the intention I'll be grabbing at least one of these ...too good to pass up and Laus figs are always that much better in the real