Big Comic-Con Moves by The Sucklord


The SUCKLORD-says: "I am going to San Diego, my Friends, to participate in the annual gathering of the best of the best in the world of Fandom and popular art. Yes my friends. It's time, once again, for Comicon. As usual, I have a full plate of activities planned, mostly revolving around the world of designer toys; a world where I am, as you know, a fucking Superstar. Indulge me, if you will, as I list said activities, as well as tip you off to some wonderful social events I shall be attending after hours, as it were. So, to begin...."

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Our good buddy DATADUB of FIG-LAB has put together an all-star roster of international Toy-Talent for a for an on-site conference exploring the artistic and economic ramifications of this so-called toy hustle we are all running. My segment, "Pop Iconography Piracy for Fun and Profit," will be in effect

Friday, July 24, from 3-5 PM at Booth #4937.

There I will hold forth and release some new exclusives: "FRANIKE GOES to HYPERSPACE" and "THE GREEN GREMLIN." Both are further explorations of the "Spacesuit" motif that I have been working. They are 30 piece limited editions. Available only at the con. So Suck it. Also, there will be a slew of new ONELL/ SUCKADELIC exclusives, such as the awesome GALACTIC CHISLER and a bunch of one-of-a-kind SUCKLORIAN mush-ups. I don't even know what they are gonna be. Matt Doughty is working on them in secret. I will be acting like a madman, though. That I can promise.


On Thursday, Matt Walker, aka DEAD PRESIDENTS, will be running the table, dropping all his wild shit, including a new exclusive NECROMANCER SUCKPEG. I sent him 18 Purple Necromancer pegs. I have no Idea what he did with them. All I can say for sure, They will be fresh. Same booth, Thursday 3-5 PM. Don't miss it.



There is a cool movie coming out called The Vinyl Frontier. It's about idiots who make, collect, and sell designer toys. I happen to be in it. There will be a teaser screening and Q+A session after the con with other notables such as Ron English, Tara McPherson, and Bwanna Spoons. That jumps off

Saturday July 25, 7 PM at 5&A Dime. 701 8th Av and G street.

I recommend you attend.


Yo, I got Something in the official LUCASFILM STAR WARS MIGHTY MUGGS custom show. This is so on fire it got on the front page of Starwars.fucking com! SO LEGIT! That will be on display at the Lucasfilm Pavilion all weekend. That would be at the entrance of Hall D in the main exhibit floor. Woah!


Cool, but not as cool, is my entry in the MEZCO Mez-its custom show. I made my figure into a Pot Plant. I like pot. It gets me high. See that all weekend at the Mezco booth, #4145.

That's a lot of stuff, All the fotos and links and relevant crap is on the sucksite. Go there if you simply must know more:


My social calendar is not totally full, but the events I'm bigging up here will be rather fresh. Come roll thru and get ILL with the S-Lord. (that's me)

MUNKY KING: This jam goes on every year and the hangover lasts all weekend.
Thursday July 23, 8:30 PM.
Basic Urban Kitchen + Bar. 410 Tenth Av.

KAIJU BIG BATTEL: Giant Monster Wrestling+ Booze.
Saturday July 25. 9 PM
Wonderhaus 131 14th st.

I hope to see you out there. It will quite a beautiful experience.