We Ain't Plastic @ The Public Shoestore, Nebraska (Oct 2)


WE AINT PLASTIC [www] is a DIY QEE show to be held @ The Public Shoestore, in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 2nd - featuring over 40 artists, 'a live DJ battle, tons of give-aways (production pieces and customs), food and drinks.' ~ Meanwhile, become a fan on the event's Facebook-page, and CLICK THRU for more :)

[The making of a 36 inch tall QEE by Jay222 (first posted here in August]

About the genesis of the show - organizer Peter Morris aka artist/customizer Pocket Wookie shares with us: "I'm working with a couple of guys here in Lincoln, Nebraska for a DIY Qee show on October 2nd. Why Lincoln? Well, it's my home town, it's got a lot of great talent and finally (the biggest reason) Toy2R's CEO lives here! I know, it seems insane. I didn't believe it myself, but I tracked him down a few months ago and we started talking about toys. So we've been organizing the show featuring local talent, and he's sent special invitations to other artists for some pieces. It's going to have over 40 artists, a live DJ battle, tons of give-aways (production pieces and customs), food and drinks. We're hoping to have a huge show here in the midwest."

UPDATED INFO 14.09.09:
The event will be held at The Public (11th and O St. inside The Black Market). DJ Nost and DJ Trinidad will be battling it out. There will also be lots of free giveaways and special door prizes - so don't miss out.

Artists include: Pocket Wookie, Jason Buchner, Donovan Beery, Robot Luv, Suzanne Holzworth, Bennett Holzworth, Ryan Holt, Jeremie Memming, Brandon Miller, MISS CAKE, Paul Berkbigler, Nicole Gusafsson, Eric Nyffeler, Jen Lukas-Landis, Ben Swift, Nolan Tredway, Adam White, Nick Wieser, Jack Irons, Tyson Schaffert, Nate Voss, Steve Gordon, Dan Moore, Patrick Bradley, Jeff Bockoven, Peter Worth, DreamTree Toys, NORM4EVA, Oakley Jason, Zeljka Hassler, Pete Lochren, Deb Lee Toth, Mike Rudolf, Zac Burton, Ken Kavanaugh, Sarah Calico, Adam Nielsen, Aaron Peterson, Dave Nelson, Michael Neilsen, Rugger Holmes, and Brook Taylor.

Special Guest Artist Include: Jan Huling, Jay222, Reactor 88, Josh F+ Pearce, Charley Friedman, Atypical, and Tony DePew.

The Event is Sponsored by Local Hero, Dream Tree Toys, and the Blue Orchid Restaurant.


Unknown said…
thanks for the hype! we're going to have teasers and more photos soon.