New Plush from Shawnimals: Hobo Sandwich and the Lunch Bunch (Nov 19-drop)

Fliggins makes a NEW Discovery: Hobo Sandwich by Shawnimals!

Scheduled for a release this Thursday November 19th @ 1pm CST is this 100-pc limited plush with a SRP of US$40 each (plus shipping) available via

Do note that this is the 11th of 12 Discoveries ~ oh noez, the journey of discovery is ending soon?

CLICK THRU for full-product write-up and stories! I gotta ham it to Shawn, this looks pretty delectable, even if half-bitten into! lol

STORY: While Fliggins searches for his home land, hoping to find it before Mr. Demon does, he must land in the Lumplands to avoid a huge swarm of Flying Devils! While there, hiding from the baddies over head, he devises a plan to escape with the help his new Lump friends. Off he goes to Foodlandia, where he hopes to find the final piece of the puzzle, and specific directions to Professor Island.

He lands, and famished, finds a sack lunch on the ground. Perfect! Except for one thing: There's a family inside, but Fliggins doesn't notice until he takes a bite. It gets worse when Fliggins realizes the very basket he's been using for his airship once belonged to this Hobo Sandwich and his family. Ugh! There's much more that's revealed as Fliggins figures out his next step, including an EPIC BATTLE!

From the tag:
"This vagabond family was forced to live in a paper sack after their picnic basket home blew away. Now they have to take turns keeping warm in a cellophane sleeping bag. Sad!"

Like all Fliggins' Discoveries, there are 100 pieces of this plush available. It's handmade, and measures approx. 6" x 6" x 2". This time however, there's more: A whole lunch bunch including chips, a napkin and a note from Mom, all in a brown paper sack!

Each month Shawnimals will release a new discovery...

* Special accessories – Lunch Bunch buddies!
* Character-specific artifacts – A note from Mom!
* An all-new handmade plush character
* Tagged with its description and numbered
* Limited to 100 pcs
* Each comes meticulously packaged with brown paper, tied with a cotton string
* A goody bag filled with a sticker and two special buttons!

These monthly releases have an MSRP of $40 each plus shipping. First come, first served!

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NOTE: Fliggins Discoveries are for decorative use only. Not a toy. For humans 6 and up.