About That NOBROW / Ben Newman Unnamed Project


Peep the Unamed toy project for Nobrow ~ as designed by Ben Newman & Nobrow, and to be manufactured by T+HK (organized by Together Plus Hong Kong Division).

Standing 17cm tall (6.7 inches) ~ this vinyl figure is limited to 50 pcs produced, with a February 2010 release-schedule, and will be made available online exclusively via www.nobrow.net (Price TBC).
CLICK THRU for more snaps, and for the story behind the production of this siamese-twin-figure!


PRESS: T+HK is an offshoot of Togetherplus who usually manufacture licensed product (Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Nickelodeon). The new team have been set up to specialise in short run, time critical prototyping and production. Based in HK, T+HK utilise the very latest production technology and techniques to deliver high quality work on time!

The Nobrow toy has taken only four weeks from concept sketch to vinyl toy to produce, it will takes a longer time to deliver them by sea freight to the UK than it did to make them!


Only 50 vinyl figures produced, with no variants planned.
Each figure will be presented in hand pulled screen printed packaging.
Due to the production technique utilised there will be no more of this character ever!


(Cheers for the headsup, Dan!)


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