Custom-Destroyer by Chauskoskis (for Operation Smile)

CLICK THRU for a closer look at Walter Jacott aka Chaukoskis' custom-Destroyer (along an explanation of his concept for the custom), completed for the upcoming "charity sale" via sometime next week (Exact date TBC) with proceeds benefiting "Operation Smile" ( ~ an initiative from Destroyer-designer O_Negative, featuring a sculpt by Eric Nocella Diaz and produced by Argonaut Resins [blogged].

Walter-says: Well the destroyer as you know was not an easy piece to customize, so I took a lot (of time) deciding what to do... I really love the eye shaped balls on the face but at the same time those lines on the face (teeths) kinda force me to do something with them and I didn't want to use them... but at the same time when I was sketching on the figure, I drew a face using just the curve of the mouth and I liked how it look like a grumpy man... (from) then on, it all came together! At that point I knew what I had wanted (to do)!"

[7 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

Walter-continues: "So my concept was simple ... stick with the original concept (of a "Destroyer of Toys") ... this guy enjoys destroying all toys but when he is not "working" he is all serious and with a badass face... but when the time is right, he (will) blow thunderbolt and flames from the mouth!! (That's when I decide to make two faces). I love the two ideas and I didnt want to go just with one... the cheeks work really well."

Walter: "And about the body - there was already lots of work from Eric, so there was no need to add stuff, so I looked at it as a kind of special suit; like he was some human-like alien using this, which is actually where all his powers came from ... I kept the logo of the skull and all ... (and) just when I had finished it, I came up with a good idea to give strenght to the concept!

I had want to re-sculpt the right arm and make it holding by the neck; a small toy LOL - you know like sculpting something like a mini Gi Joe or something! But Eric told me that it was fine like that, and since this project its for the kids they didnt want too much gory things there LOL"