Event Images for Launch of My Secret Garden by Recycle Experience @ Lou Bell Shop (Feb 27)

[9 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

Recycle Experience's first solo show "My Secret Garden" launched yesterday on Feb 27th @ Lou Belle Shop, in Bandung, Indonesia. posted above are event / crowd-snaps for the evening. (CLICK THRU for impressions by the event-organizer). Do check out the exhibition before it ends on March 7th. The show features creations by Evan Driyananda and application artwork by Attina Nuraini.

Folks interested to purchase any items on show are to email marin [at] mytummytoys.com for enquiries. Also CLICK HERE to peep more of the exhibit-items previously posted on TOYSREVIL.

The organizer for the event, Marin (of MyTummyToys) shares with us: "(It was a ) very relax event and a lot of new people come even children and old people LOL ... very happy night, tired but fun, we met a lot of new friends and because maybe this event was a bit different from others event that we have organized before, many people were very interested, and asked about what and how Recycle Experience can make this kind of big scale recycle toys, and how come they have an idea to combine it with vinyl toys...